Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim calls for the (Empowerment) initiative for the persons with disabilities

Chairman Islamic Supreme Council in Iraq (SICI) Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim called to make the ((Empowerment)) initiative one of the most important sections in the governmental program and reformations’ plan, pointing out that this initiative will handle a vast and important part of society especially in the countries with high rates of persons with disabilities due to wars and terrorists attacks, indicating that the most important sections of the ((Empowerment)) initiative is the economic rehabilitation for persons with disabilities, pointing out that the government had allocated 5 trillion Iraqi Dinars to support small and medium projects, and providing government supported loans , demanding to place a portion of this fund for the persons with disabilities in order to provide them these loans with additional facilitations more than it is decided, because in addition of being equal with other citizens in rights they have another right for their disabilities and exceptional circumstances which require providing special and exceptional support, plus providing housing units in Bismayah New City Compound for the persons with disabilities.

This was addressed during the Forth Conference for the persons with disabilities held in his eminence's Baghdad office Saturday 12, March 2016.

His eminence explained that the disability is not in body parts but in the deviant ideology, indicating that persons with disabilities had always taught us patience and to be bigger than crises, stressing on the effects of surrounding circumstance that made this part of society suffer from mental and physical disabilities, calling for a legislative approach in the parliament to establish special laws for persons with disabilities, confirming that the Al-Muwatin Bloc with the support of other bloc will adopt demanding part of housing units in Bismayah New City Compound to be attributed for persons with disabilities with exceptional property facilitations, emphasizing that housing and economic rehabilitation is of the most important success factors in empowering the persons with disabilities to overcome their ordeal that is mostly a bad outcome of war and terrorist attacks.

His eminence stressed on the importance to put practical and reasonable actions to go beyond suggestions phase, expressing his regrets for the absence of practical resolutions dealing with Iraq issues, indicating: “What we lack today is realistic and practical solutions and procedures for the issues and challenges that we face.” Asking the persons with disabilities to take the responsibility and address officials and citizens to attract their attention to them and to follow their cases, because nowadays communication is not a big issue anymore and their disabilities is not an obstacle to communicate with the rest of the world and mobilize public opinion that would support their cases.