Iraqi forces regain Aekbh area in Anbar and Daash suffered "heavy losses"

March 13, 2016 21:44
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declared war media cell, for enabling the restoration of Iraqi forces from the area in Anbar province, where Chen focused operations fully liberated from the grip Daash.
This comes in the wake of the withdrawal of his troops from the humid Daash town in Anbar province, according to the military commander.
A statement by the cell media war, the fight against terrorism a free hand Aekbh South Mohammadi fully Daash incur heavy losses in lives and equipment.
The Iraqi forces seized control of the city of Ramadi last month, as it seeks to secure the surrounding areas to the east, in order to isolate the organization Daash in Fallujah, west of Baghdad.
Chen and Iraqi security forces also west of Ramadi campaign in order to regain control of the town of Hit.
Iraqi forces have been trying lately to flush out militants from large areas around Lake Thar Thar, which is located between the provinces of Anbar and Salahuddin.