Is oil and gas will contribute to the unification of the region, and coal contributed to the unification of Europe

March 13, 2016 15:19
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Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi,
In 1951 he founded the Coal and Steel Europe, which boosted European feelings, to yield in 1957 from Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany announced in Rome for "the European Economic Community."
Thus it was founded the first building blocks of the European Common Market and the European Union, with all its political, economic, security, social and cultural effects. To do a unified European Parliament has legislative powers, and representations executive graduate .. Union that began with 6 countries became today's 28 countries, and contributes with 24% of the national global GDP at current prices .. Vangzt Europe itself from the pyramid and returned to be the strongest competitor for the rest of the major industrialized countries .. all this without that European countries could lose its sovereignty, but rather established steps deliberate and Aklaiah sovereignty greatest parallel and garrison, I put everything in place, and exceeded, and still exceeds, a lot of obstacles and crises, Union, in general, understands the demands of the states, and states understand the EU requirements, and perhaps this is one of the largest experiments Union between States and the most successful so far, away from the tactics of war and coercion.
For years the Iraqi and Jordanian parties meet to discuss the idea of ​​establishing an oil pipeline from Basra through the "Najaf" and "modern" 2.250 M.b.a card to meet with a line comes from Kirkuk 500,000 card b / d, then branches off to Syria and Aqaba .. meetings and studies have not been interrupted, but stood helpless in front of the whole deteriorating security situation. In 2015 the Iraqi side suggested adding a new line stems from the "Najaf" and aligns the Saudi border and down to Jordan and Aqaba .. revealed geological surveys and other studies that the idea is viable technically, economically and security. Here Anzmt Egypt for the project to take advantage of oil and gas rising energies of Iraq, but rather focused on the project many countries and international institutions .. Today there are negotiations underway between the Jordan and Iraqi investors to set up a refinery in Aqaba, and other projects, all of which seek to take advantage of the prospects opened by this project. The line about "modern" and Syria can start to implement it as soon as the improved security situation in the region.
In November 2015 and the oil and energy ministers of the three countries signed a memorandum of understanding on the project .. and formed permanent technical committee meets every three months, and a ministerial meeting every six months. And a few days ago in this March 9 was the second ministerial meeting of the tripartite, was signed on the progress of work of the Technical Committee Minutes .. Egypt proposed the expansion of Qatar's gas pipeline to take advantage of it, not only for the operation of the pumping stations, and even the possibility of Iraqi gas export in the future. The three parties will continue to wait for the meeting of the Iraqi side, during this month, with a coalition that recently formed to implement the project and receipt of the price proposals and study the feasibility and position them. On the sidelines of the three ministers' meeting took place the Iraqi and Egyptian ministers bilateral agreement to buy Egypt of Iraqi crude oil, as well as to capitalize on Iraq's refineries Egypt for refining oil, in addition to the possibility of Iraqi oil stored in tanks Egypt on the Red and Mediterranean to market Iraqi oil in Europe, the sea, and many areas of cooperation related firms parties and educational institutes.
In a meeting between the three ministers of Egypt, Mr. Sharif Ismail and the Prime Minister, was attended by Iraq's ambassador in Cairo professor Zia Dabbas, said Iraqis wishing difficulties to visit Egypt wellness, tourism and study in obtaining visas, especially in these difficult conditions in Egypt after the smaller numbers of tourists because of the emergency situation .. It was a detailed talk about this issue, especially after the recent decisions of Turkey on the entry of Iraqis, and on the historical relations between Iraq, Egypt and the presence of a large Iraqi community of tens of thousands, and large numbers of Iraqi students up to 15,000 students .. and already raised the issue the attention of the Prime Minister , in the common interest can not be ignored.
Our visit to Egypt came immediately after the official visit of Mr. President of the Republic, Dr. Fuad Masum, to escort to visit Mr. Foreign Minister, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari to attend meetings of the Arab League Council and choosing a new secretary-general of her.
Will it help the economy to bring the two brothers, and build a sustainable interdependent relationships able to cope with storms politics?