According to the Constitution the hands of the prime minister is higher than the hands of all the parties in the appointment of ministers

Dated: Sunday 03/13/2016 19:12

Tariq Harb
legal expert
What did the Prime Minister on 03.10.2016 m, of sending the forms for the nomination to the post of the Minister, within the reform measures, and the establishment of the political blocs to fill these forms, and the nomination of some of the names, for jobs as minister, does not mean at all, that the Prime Minister is obliged to accept the names which took blocs candidacy,
This is because the Prime Minister has the constitutional authority contained in paragraph II of Article 76 of the Constitution, which launched this constitutional provision, the hands of the prime minister in the naming of the ministers who will occupy the recipe members of the Council of Ministers, which took over its administration, in accordance with Article 78 of the Constitution , namely that the Prime Minister and the absolute overall authority to accept candidates blocs or not to accept them, or to accept some of the candidates, and the refusal of some candidates.
Not even the prime minister, the authority to retire some of the candidates or all candidates nominated by the political blocs and their refusal, and the naming of the members of the Cabinet who are selected by the political blocs or from outside the political blocs, although we believe that the commitment of the political blocs to the provisions of the special form curriculum vitae of each candidate, fill out this form carefully, so that explains a form of each candidate, experience, competence and integrity, honesty and professionalism, independence and service practical and theoretical and certificate and biography in general, so that the answer to all the other paragraphs in the form, prepared by the independent Special Committee, and approved by the Prime Minister, and send them to the political blocs, which will lead the Prime Minister to respond to the candidates of the blocks, or some of them, and admission to the ministerial group, but in all cases, the prime minister is not obliged constitutionally and legally the names of have run of the political blocs, the works positions, as long as the Constitution entrusts this task with it