Long held a panel discussion on reform in the presence of a number of politicians, journalists and activists

Foundation held a range of media, culture and the arts, on Saturday, a seminar on reform in Iraq in the presence of a number of officials and MPs, activists and journalists. The seminar was attended by the Foundation held within the smooth talk, which was entitled "Reform of conflict of wills and the possibility of transit", each of the head of the long Foundation Fakhri Karim, Minister of Culture Faryad Roandozi and deputy secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Iraqi Raid Fahmi, the MP for the rule of law Keywords and spokesman for the Supreme Council Hamid al-Saadi Moalla and appearance of Dr. Saleh economic Adviser to the Prime Minister and Imad al-Khafaji, a media adviser to the Speaker of Parliament and member of the Human rights Commission Bushra al-Obeidi.
The seminar was also attended by a number of activists and journalists, during which submit a working paper by the academic Fares Kamal Nazmi titled reform and change and the need to take a look at the nature of the popular movement seven months ago.