Deputy Parliament calls for the convening of an emergency session to discuss the events of Taza

Called for Vice Presidency of the Council of Representatives of the National Alliance to convene an emergency session to discuss the events of Taza in Kirkuk and declared a disaster area.
Haidar al - Mawla said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that " the people of Taza were subjected to genocide bombarded with missiles loaded with chlorine and toxic amid deafening silence of the international community because of the suffering of the Iraqi Turkmen , " and urged the same time the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to convene an emergency session to discuss the events of Taza and declared a disaster area.
"the gangs terrorist Daash bombed the missile chemical almost daily amid the silence of Arab and international terrorist crime , " pointing to "registered 670 cases with the case of one death and three critical cases receive treatment in the capital Baghdad. "
he said the Lord that" gangs Daash terrorist used internationally prohibited weapons, and wondered about how the arrival of these weapons to Daash terrorist?
he called the commander in chief of the armed forces of the Interior and defense Ministries , and factions of the popular crowd to act quickly and break Aldaasha blockade on the side.
he was the governor of Kirkuk, a star Din Karim, announced last Tuesday, that " the organization Daash, which controls the reed Bashir Turkmen south of Kirkuk, the bombing of Taza Khurmatu with Katyusha rockets and mortar shells containing a chemical toxic."
the deputy Turkmen that "400 people were injured and another two died in Taza predominantly Turkmen because poisoned by mustard gas in bombs bombed Daash on the side. "
the people of Taza , south of Kirkuk, demonstrated Thursday March 9, to demand the liberation of the nearby village of al - Bashir of them because of the bombing of the occupied village of Daash terrorist gangs, and sometimes use of toxic gases in the bombing .
announced Kirkuk health department, on Friday, for the death of [child], are the first victims of the bombing Daash poison gas on the Taza.
promised Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, the bombing as " a major crime and aggression against the whole of humanity , " vowing to " take revenge harsh reply to this crime is also the face, sending specialized medical teams on the face of the rapid speed of treatment, and the use of international expertise in this area. "