Sadr calls for a sit-in in front of the Green Zone gates starting from next Friday until the end of the 45 days

Called the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on his supporters to protest in front of the Green Zone gates beginning on Friday, and the next deadline until the end of the five and forty days, which gave it to the government to implement reforms.
He said al-Sadr said in a statement reported by the Information Office said the aim of the protest is to rid the world of those described Bacharzmh stray misleading and eighth-Sadr demonstrators who answered his call in Tahrir Square efforts.
Also gave thanks to the security services said the cleric claim that the comprehensive reforms will enter a new phase of peaceful protests popular stage other than to pretend is sit in front of the green gates and called for his followers to organize them and prepare for a peaceful sit-in to root out corruption and the corrupt.