Abadi identifies ten items to choose ministers technocrat government

Formed a road map for the security, administrative, economic and regulatory work
BAGHDAD - morning select the prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, ten items to choose a technocrat government, according to a document of comprehensive reforms and the ministerial amendment, which is sent to the political blocs in order to nominate ministers to build on what the document contained items, formed a whole map Using detailed for the next stage in all aspects of the executive, security and administrative, economic, regulatory and legislative action.
the condition of the prime minister, during the reform document, provides among other conditions in the candidates by the political blocs to fill ministerial posts in the government of technocrats, taking the principles of «thinking strategy, and your approach to the possibility of mobilizing organizations and partners, as well as excellence in the administration, through the provision of results to achieve the government 's plan, as well as the integrity and the ability to development »at the head of things that must be taken into account by the parties in the selection of ministers technocrats.
in order to choose the most appropriate, among the candidates of the political blocs to government technocrats, the Prime Minister form , an independent panel of experts will review the biographies of the candidates, and submit it later to the prime minister, who in turn will choose the most efficient among several candidates to fill the ministerial post.Send «document ten» where he sent Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, a close overall reforms ministerial amendment to the blocks political, which included the criteria and mechanisms that will be accordingly choosing ministers technocratic government. a statement by the Office of Abadi, received «morning» that « the document included ten files, including the criteria for selecting ministers technocrats Council and evaluate the performance of ministries and the fight against corruption and simplification of procedures the government program and packages of reforms in various and other sectors ».road map detailed and confirmed Prime Minister 's Office, said the document comprehensive reforms ministerial amendment sent by al - Abadi to the political blocs, including a road map detailed for the next stage in all aspects of the executive, security and administrative, economic, regulatory and legislative work. the statement noted that the document include criteria You choosing ministers technocrats Council and evaluate the performance of ministries and the fight against corruption and simplification of procedures the government program and packages of reforms in various sectors. the statement by al - Abadi Office, said the document is working to determine the course of action the government, the implementation of its program, which comes as a continuation for the remainder of the terms of the political agreement, according to a plan a minute of time and include political, administrative and economic reforms presented by the Prime Minister and approved by the Council packs, as well as identified an action plan to revitalize the industrial and agricultural sector in particular and other economic sectors. Italso took the document to themselves, according to a statement Prime Minister 's Office, the adoption of a road map in conjunction with specific Ptoukitat time to complete the ministry 's tasks in the light of an action plan, along with the completion of the government program requirements, and subdue ministries calendar transparent periodically under the follow - up adopted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. axes core document and the document contains seven main points, it came as a wide action plan for the government of technocrats, issued by the security hub , which included emphasis on liberalization territory from gangs «Daash» terrorist and activate the extension of the control state and the law and bear arms her own efforts, and build a professional security system developed. a statement by the Prime Minister 's Office, said that restoring stability and reconstruction in the liberated areas, he served the second axis in the reform document, which focused on the completion of an effective national reconciliation and restore stability in the liberated areas, and activating the reconstruction efforts and plans to re - displaced people and mobilize all possible national and international efforts. and the third axis, titled «executive action» need to adhere to the government program and the implementation of reforms packages, and drafting work and performance the ministry in the light of the financial circumstances, as well as a government plan to ensure increase non - oil revenues to ensure double that during the year 2016 - 2017 is based on a realistic program, in addition to activating the efforts to build a work full of e - government system before the end of 2018 and came in fourth axis, which focused on transparency and integrity, emphasis on activating the role of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption , headed by the Prime Minister, and the restructuring of control and performance system, and activating the role of other regulatory agencies, as well as activating the follow - up to a thorough and practical program provides an account periodically and transparent to the level of performance and support for civil society, journalists and media, protection organizations, activate the role of the fourth power in monitoring and follow - up performance. while includes axis «legislation» V, coordination with the House of Representatives to ensure the adoption of laws and regulations that are under reading now, and make a comprehensive review of the laws that did not proceed so far, and re - submitted to the House of Representatives, as well as work to raise legislation and laws in the light of the need to develop, cancellation or legislation laws. He called the sixth axis, titled «complete selection of graduate departments and staff recruitment» to approve the study of the restructuring of ministries in the comprehensive review which has by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and in coordination with the ministries light, and the resolution set «or install» deputy ministers, advisers and general managers, as well as follow - up to full compliance with the decision of the Prime Minister file number (1) for the year 2016 that are appointments within the standards set by the resolution, particularly the announcement of this and the opportunity to submit electronically, and resolve the formation of the service file Federal cooperation with the Council of Representatives. on the economic side, stressed the document, in its axis VII, the activation of lending , industrial, agricultural and residential projects and ensure secure banking departments efficient and professional success of lending policy, and activating the role of supervising the lending program of the Higher Committee in terms of feasibility studies or follow - up implementation, and confirm curriculum quick action and provide the necessary facilities to start the implementation of projects and the resolution to adopt the candidate projects for lending groups (spatial and sectoral distribution) prepared by the Ministry of planning. Commission for the selection of candidates to that, Abadi said office, said an independent panel of experts, appointed by the Prime Minister, will take over the process review the CVs of the candidates. a statement by the Prime Minister 's Office, the «morning» received a copy of it, that the committee will work to raise the candidates names of ministers, after the audit and review to the Prime Minister, where there will be more than one name for each bag of technocrats to choose the most efficient, indicating that the head Minister , in turn, will display the names of candidates to the Council of Ministers, and then the House of Representatives. the statement, that the Prime Minister is keen to implement the comprehensive reform plan and the formation of a harmonious government team to move forward with a road map and strategies developed for the development of all sectors.