Abadi Office document declares comprehensive reforms ministerial amendment

Prime Minister's Office announced the text of the document comprehensive reforms ministerial amendment, which includes several axes.
Said in a statement the agency of our economy News received a copy of the "Document of comprehensive reforms and the ministerial amendment sent by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi political blocs include a roadmap detailed for the next stage in all aspects of the executive, security and administrative, economic, regulatory and legislative action, since the document includes the criteria for selecting ministers technocrats Council files and evaluate the performance of ministries and the fight against corruption and simplification of procedures the government program and packages of reforms in various sectors and others. "
" We also determine the course of action the government and the implementation of its program and complete the remainder of the terms of the political agreement in accordance with the time - minute plan, including the political, administrative and economic reforms presented by Mr. Prime Minister packages approved Council, the document sets out the work of the revitalization of the industrial and agricultural sector in particular and other economic sectors plan. "
He said the " document adopting a roadmap in conjunction with specific Ptoukitat of time to accomplish the tasks of the ministry in the light of an action plan , along with the completion of the government program requirements, and subdue ministries calendar transparent periodically under the system follow - up adopted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
the axes core document are: the security axis, and includes the liberation of the occupied terrorist Daash gangs and efforts to extend its control of the state and the law and bear arms in hand and build a professional security system developed.
He said the office that the "axis of restoring stability and reconstruction in the liberated areas includes the completion of an effective national reconciliation and restore stability in the liberated areas and reconstruction efforts and plans to re - displaced people and mobilize all possible national and international efforts.
he said , "it was a government plan to ensure increase non - oil revenues to ensure double that during the year 2016 2017 based on a realistic program status in addition to the activation of efforts to build system is working at full e - government by the end of 2018.
He noted that the "axis of transparency and integrity involves activating the role of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption , headed by the Prime Minister and the restructuring of control and performance system and activating the role of other regulatory agencies, and activate a thorough and practical follow - up program provides an account periodically and transparent to the level of performance and support organizations civil society, journalists and media, protection and activating the role of the fourth power in monitoring and follow - up performance. "
He continued , " while includes centerpiece legislation, coordination with the House of Representatives to ensure the adoption of laws and regulations that under the reading now and conduct a comprehensive review of the laws that did not proceed so far and re - submitted to the House of Representatives and work on raise legislation and laws in the light of the need to develop, cancellation or legislation laws.
and that "One of the important themes of other axis complete selection of graduate departments and the recruitment of staff, shows the approval study the restructuring of ministries in the comprehensive review which has by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and in coordination with the ministries light The follow - up to full compliance with the decision of the Prime Minister , No. 1 of 2016 that are appointments within the standards set by the resolution, particularly the announcement of this and the opportunity to submit electronically, and the resolution of the formation of the Federal service file in cooperation with the Chamber of Deputies.
On the economic side axis activation lending for industrial and agricultural projects comes and residential and ensure secure banking efficient and professional departments for the success of lending policy and activating the role of supervising the lending program of the Higher Committee in terms of feasibility studies or follow - up implementation and confirm curriculum quick action and provide the necessary facilities to start the implementation of projects and the resolution to adopt the candidate projects for lending groups (spatial distribution and sectoral) prepared by the Ministry of planning.

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