Official levies and services

3/12/2016 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawwaz
It seems that the measures taken by official circles that need to more than one interpretation, not because they are unrealistic, but because they are placed in context is disproportionate to the nature of these measures and the need for it, talk about imposing new fees on the citizens, in order to maximize the financial resources of the state adds a burden to them, in exchange for not having them provide services, which is the heart of the tax system in force in most countries of the civilized world, which puts the system as a context promotes citizen participation in public life, but with a realistic and adequate services gives the right of the citizen to recognize it, particularly with regard to medical services in the official institutions, as well as what can be raised by the nature of these fees are levied and mechanism, and who is responsible for them? You will enter in the perpetuation of service organizations? Or is it going to be a front for the corruption of another? Was the regularity of these levies Law defines the powers and authorities, and identifies where the right of citizens to hold accountable those whose conduct falls short?
News from these levies are open, From the Ministry of Health, which imposed a duty on medical treatment services, revealed the news about the intention of Baghdad province to impose fees on vehicles entering the capital from other provinces, a total of up to one billion dinars a day, as is the intention of the Municipality of Baghdad for a plan to refer the Baghdad international Airport to invest Street as well as a host of other investment opportunities.
The quest to organize such a procedure is mainly linked to the existence of a legal environment, regulatory occasion, it has the ability to organize them into contexts to ensure the state right, and the citizen right, as have the ability to negligent accounting, and that any action taken in this area requires a degree of clarity and transparency, not to banish suspicions corruption, but also for the success and the consolidation of legal frameworks that social, economic and service control system in the country.
I think that Macalth MP Magda Tamimi, a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives in this regard, touches the essence of the subject, as that (most of the civilized world depends on their economies to collect taxes multi unparalleled views of the meeting provided to integrated services to its citizens with little) discrimination, which means, in essence, the need to organize frameworks of services that can be provided to the citizens, because taking levies from people without the presence of those services would be a kind of corruption, and to devote the manifestations of slums in some service-institutions, especially the Ministry of Health. Many complain that these levies not fit with the nature of the clinical and therapeutic services, as well as the ambiguity mechanisms the employment of these large funds that are Asthsalha.