Mr. Sadruddin kubbanji warns Abadi of "losing" the confidence of the people and welcomed the reform document

March 11, 2016 4:38 pm
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Kushal Najaf warned Mr. kubbanji issued Friday, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi of the "lost" people's confidence, if not commitment to detect headers corruption, welcomed the reform document submitted by Abbadi heads of blocs, and called for a radical change in the education file and respond to the demands of students, denounced the shelling of Taza with toxic gases.

Kubbanji said during a political speech for Friday prayers in Najaf and the shrine of Fatimid attended (range), "the Prime Minister and meet his pledge to expose files and corruption", warning of "the loss of Prime Minister of the people's trust in the event of failure to fulfil a promise."

Mr. kubbanji called for "a genuine partnership in a government reform programme", Hello "reform document presented by the President of the Council Presidents and Parliament", calling it "the right step on the right path".

Mr. kubbanji called, Ministry of higher education to meet the demands of college students and analysis and treatment radically ", calling for" a radical change in the Ministry of higher education, and to review the policies of the Ministry. "

Mr. kubbanji promised, this academic year, "one of the worst academic years", warning of "circumvent demands students and deceive."

He denounced kushal Najaf, "targeting the Taza area with poison gas by the terrorist organization (daash), blaming the international community responsible for allowing ldaash to possess such weapons and overlooked", and urged the Iraqi Government "relief sons and edit Reed Bashir."