Abadi Here are the names of whales corruption

Mohammed Fakhruddin Friday 11 March 2016 at 00:00
Abadi, a request from the general public and media private expose corrupt and providing him with information about them and here it is glued recipe excessive stupidity upon ratification goodwill him and away from the corruption of the blocks a whole is clear evidence and to prove Nord in order to help him the most important and the most dangerous and the biggest and mightiest whales corruption and we'll see Masevolh and certainly Mr. Abadi will not lift a finger and would be satisfied with (and will even frankly) and Silom people on the corruption of their politicians and citizens will be punished because he is the first punishment will depend argument Daash security situation of ethnic and sectarian and ethnic and Altnavq to escape and promises to provide most notably whales and corruption. 1. Nuri al-Maliki accused of corruption and treason and waste of the state budget over the eight years and by his own admission to the media failure and default. 2-Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud accused of abuse of power and the removal of the opponents of Maliki and his inclusion ablation and accused of squandering more than four billion dollars allocated to the Board of blind judiciary and turned it into a special for him and his daughter balance and his brother-in America and bought through which a piece of land (600 m) in the al-Mansur in addition to the pieces given to him by al-Maliki in Utaifiyya with a large palace in the green Zone. 3-Alaa al-Saadi prime property disputes body accused of colluding with Medhat al-Mahmoud and orders directly from al-Maliki to liquidate opponents through the fabrication of corrupted files, and cover up the corruption of members of advocacy and wasting party files, and ownership of real estate state officials and spoofing and issuing forged bonds them as well as carrying out the composition of a major construction company with Essam al-Asadi In addition to both functions as a minister and abuse of power and smuggled 120,000 dollars to Saudi Arabia while traveling for Hajj and stealing donations employees amounting to 140 million dinars, and gathered himself popular for the crowd when he was president of the bodies of integrity and property and we'll show to Mr. Abadi later other names they want knowing that he will not do it justify that information is lacking evidence and the proof is in the integrity and knowledge of Mr. Hassan Yassiri, which is expected to launch his hand held accountable according to the law is not in accordance with the compatibility and belonging posed by al-Abadi al-Maliki ordered the independent bodies .