Abdul Razzaq: It is ironic that Abadi al-Jaafari heads the meetings of the National Alliance
Dated: Thursday 03/10/2016

The leader of the Islamic Dawa Party , Salah Abdul Razzaq, on Wednesday, it is ironic that is headed by Chairman of the National Alliance , Ibrahim al - Jaafari , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi meetings of the alliance.
He said Abdul Razak during his speech for the "unexpected" which aired Sumerian, "It is ironic in the political scene Iraqi Prime Alliance Ibrahim al - Jaafari heads the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in the National Alliance meetings while he was Minister of the Council of Ministers headed by al - Abadi. "
he said Abdul Razak, that" the political blocs imposed Ministers Abadi , "noting that" Abadi wants harmonious government. "
mentions the presidency of the National Alliance has been vacant since the boss Ibrahim al - Jaafari as foreign minister, in (September 8 , 2014), and consultations continued between the components of the coalition to elect a new president of the alliance. http://www.chakooch.com/news.php?action=view&id=7961