Interim Committee of the processor housing crisis Tban parliamentary proposal to resolve the crisis

Interim Committee discussed to address the housing crisis affiliated to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works, the House of Representatives set up a proposed law to solve the housing crisis.
According to a ministry statement, the agency our economy News received a copy of the "Undersecretary Dara Hassan Rashid Yara, attended a meeting of the Interim Committee to address the housing crisis , which was held in the Parliament building in the presence of a number of specialists of Representatives and Chairman of the Investment Authority and the Director General of the Land Bank and a representative of the central bank."
It was during the meeting, according to the statement, " to discuss the study presented by the research and the Iraqi Studies Center for the purpose of the committee formed from members of the House of Representatives prepared a proposed law aimed at resolving the housing crisis incurable in the country, it has also been reviewing the housing problem in general , and exacerbated by the annual increase of the population and the role affected by the battles with Daash terrorist gangs old role ramshackle as well as slums deployed in Baghdad and the provinces. "
He added that" the ministry presented a working paper correct solutions and to be taken to resolve this crisis, as well as stated national policy for housing and the decisions of the national Council for housing fact that this crisis requires solutions radical and legislation binding laws for all parties and is going according to fixed laws far from the jurisprudence of the owners of the land and service institutions or banking , and others. "
the statement noted that" the ministry has offered the possibility of providing assistance in this area by specialists in the housing and municipal center engineering consultancy. "