Full speech of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on reform

Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday, taken a series of measures to prosecute "senior corrupt" and arrest, stressing the formation of a supreme committee to coordinate efforts between the institutions involved in the fight against corruption, as pointed out that implementation of the reforms will not be through the imposition of "fait accompli" and "destabilize security "of Baghdad.

Ebadi said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people and followed up "tomorrow Press," "Brothers sisters Iraqi people Karim .. peace, mercy and blessings of God .. We thank God that we are a year and a half went on, we received the premiership we were fighting Daash on the outskirts of Baghdad and its outskirts and today stands your children fervent on the outskirts of Mosul cleared, has approached the date the final victory, and approached the divine victory more than ever, it is our right to be proud of Iraqis championships and this great feat achieved, the more our concern today is to sustain the momentum of victories in all Maimlk Iraq and its people from the financial and human capabilities, the battle Introduction to all of the priorities as they battle the existence of the nation and the people and must be as well. "
He added, "Today, I charge you in this sensitive and dangerous conditions experienced by Iraq and going through the area and that require a unified position, and I remind you, O sons of our dear people that you sons Gyari continue day and night to protect you and repel the danger for you, and are engaged in fierce battles against terrorism Aldaasha in the fronts, and underlining the fighters in the army and police and popular crowd and volunteers of the sons of the tribes grandest epics and triumphs, and this is a battle going on and is waiting for you and moral backing support, and in these circumstances must unite our efforts and our energies to support our fighters heroes and not to let down and to Annchgl in any side battle negatively affect sustain the momentum of the battle against terrorism and distracting effort security, and everyone knows I'm the first to launch a project of reforms and worked out since the beginning I assumed the presidency of the government and I'm still at my covenant, I follow implemented step by step, which is not as easy as some might imagine. It is another battle we are waging in light of a serious security threat and great corruption and the development of financial and economic claustrophobic as a result of sudden collapse oil prices. "

He continued Abadi "It's natural to face opposition and the difficulties and obstacles to reforms, and must be conducted in accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks, and also require consultation with all segments of Iraqi society, as it can not overcome the ingredients and to distinguish them forfeit their rights," noting that the "great support for the reforms from the pan sons Iraqi people are supreme religious authority and the general political forces was the strongest support and motivation for us in this battle, it is a pleasure is to welcome the popular comprehensive reforms ministerial amendment recently we declared, which came in line with our vision of the need for change and the formation of a ministerial team experts and specialists is able to get out of the country to the best position in all fields and stimulate the economy and move the labor sector and the development of services, and today we are closer to reaching our goal point to what you are doing on the path of reform, and in front of it assure you that we will implement the Ministerial fundamental change soon, God willing, and we'll show ministers the names of professionals and qualified to fill the portfolios covered by the change accordance with the constitutional framework and asserting the political partnership between the Iraqi people and its legitimate representatives, has been addressing the political blocs in the House of Representatives and the various activities of the community to achieve this goal. We have provided a document comprehensive reform that includes an executive summary about the course of action the government and the Financial Management Improvement Advisory Panel voluntary, as the document include ten files relating to reforms and develop the work of the state, and within the reform package we put a program to provide an opportunity for the owners of expertise and professionals to run for office for the Supreme, as we will have changes the independent bodies to make them independent and actually managed by professionals competent and independent. "

"I am and as you know I take serious responsibilities as commander in chief of the armed forces, along with the leadership of the government and executive work in the state facing economically and financially complicated situation and a lack of revenue, and are faced with an army of corruption and corrupt We have taken a series of measures to prosecute senior spoilers, detention and provided the necessary support for devices judiciary and integrity censorship to do their part with determination and strength, and the fulfillment of that we formed a higher committee to follow up the fight against corruption and coordination of efforts among the various institutions involved in the fight against corruption and in accordance with legal and constitutional frameworks and provide all the supplies that contribute to the success of their mission, including legislation and necessary and necessary instructions, and look forward to the participation of popular and media in exposing the corrupt and venal who were disbanding the interests of the people in government departments, and in front of these challenges and tasks grave, the implementation of reforms must be done in cooperation and not through the imposition of a fait accompli and to destabilize the security of our beloved capital Baghdad and the security of the rest of the provincial policy, that this is unacceptable and will not allow it at all especially as we live well under threats of terrorism and criminal gangs and remnants of the regime who Ivoton chance, but they used to mix and securities addition to what they are doing from attempts to revive sectarian strife across the attacks and bombings that claim the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians in mosques and markets and public places. "

The Abbadi said in his speech that "primarily responsible for the security of the citizen can never allow armed appearances outside of the state and threaten the security of citizens and overtaking on the checkpoints and the passage of militants through it, it is our duty to take measures to prevent it and to maintain the security effort must be directed against terrorism and that the Abia here or there, and we renew our firm to guarantee the right to demonstrate peacefully in accordance with legal procedures and within the specified places by the security services, and as you know, we have been and continue to listen to every voice and every legitimate demand, but Aevotine here to pay tribute Bslmah my sons demonstrators and expressed my appreciation for their legitimate demands, We have said to the demonstrators from the outset we are of you and with you in the same trench and we are not in Khandeghin, we also commend the high discipline and vigilance displayed by Associates of the security forces charged with protecting the demonstrators along the main duty to maintain security and deal with the terrorists in the fronts and inside the cities. "

He concluded by saying, "I ask Bari Almighty to help us to protect Iraq and its people and rid the nation and its citizens from the evil of terrorism and that we can meet the aspirations of our dear people, and we renew our covenant and promised liberation of all Iraq's territorial and cities usurped and inflict the final defeat Bdaash, and we pledge to you to achieve political and economic reforms you envisage, and we renew our demand and our appeal to all of you unity and cooperation, and show responsibility toward Iraq and the security and interests of its people, and assure the people of our dear people, we are confident to achieve victory over terrorism and corruption, and we will succeed to go beyond the financial crisis, we have taken measures to guarantee necessary to overcome them and processors, and we are at every turn sensitive going through our beloved country Nthaly wisdom to its highest level, and wisdom are not vulnerable as fancy as some mistakes in his calculations, but appreciation of things and a high sense of responsibility and expense of a thorough and prudent reading of the results and to maintain the supreme interest of the country. "