The names of the candidates for the new Iraqi government by the Committee on the chest .. reveal for the first time

Mashreq , said sources close to the committees formed by the Sadrist movement to nominate independents to take upministerial posts in the upcoming change, at dawn on Monday, said that these committees reached nominations for nine ministries and is still looking at naming ministers fundamental occupy the external and internal positions and defense where no clear until now features independent personalities that can be found to fill these positions.the sources said the proposed ministers were as follows: first: the Ministry of Justice: Wael Abdul Latif, the strongest candidates ,along with other candidates are Hussein net Caesar Rubaie and Abdul Latif Tohme. Second : the Ministry of Industry: nominated her two two Yahya Dujaili in thename ofAntoine. Third ,the Ministry of Finance: nominated her Obaid al -Dulaimi , a former deputy secretary in the cabinet. Fourth: the Ministry ofwater resources: nominated her Mazen slave. Fifth: the Ministry of Health nominated her six people notably Hammoud Rashad Jeweler and Imad Mashat. Sixth: the Ministry ofoil: nominated her Abdul Mahdi al -Amidi He is Director of licensing at the Ministry.Seventh: Electricity: nominated her Mahdi Hantoush Adel Mahdi Hameed.the Ministry of transport: nominated her Amer Abdul -Jabbar , despite the objections of many members ofCommittee on his nomination because of apersonal nature observations and other related to poor management of the previous period. Eighth: labor and social Affairs: nominated Khadija al -Mashhadani. he received otherwise alarge variation in the nominations to the Ministry ofHigher Education, as nominated attendees seven figures to fill theposition without agreeing on one or two them. the Commission Sami Al paste and chairs, and members include Dr. Sumaisem safety and care Qassim , a director general in the Ministry of planning and Jabbar and coffee , a former director general of the SOC and others. It is expected to provide other candidates for other ministries is that of the hardest things facing the Committee found independent figures for foreign, defense and interior, and still discussions ongoing.