The General company for grain processing, in the Ministry of Commerce on strengthening the quality control section of the modern laboratory devices.

He stressed that the company's General Manager Eng. Taha Yasin Abbas added during inspecting the company's quality control Department and met with members of the branches of lab examiners who have been placed in a training course on how to use those devices that the company recently took over a range of modern and sophisticated laboratory appliances had recently contracted from discreet and specialized in this area included a number of grain moisture testing devices and specific weight and divided forms webmbat samples of grain of silver company of America.

Stressing the need to deal with the accuracy and sensitivity of those devices to keep them and put them in places that are air-conditioned and protection of faults that may arise as a result of fluctuation in the electrical current through the use of protection devices.

Pointing out that the company had earlier received a number of special devices to check the flour company Bertin had been distributed to Swedish laboratories company in the central laboratory of the company's branches in all provinces, as needed for each branch plus the training of technical personnel through training course established their company processed plus other new devices entry for work quality control laboratories was purchased from local markets and scales to check ash and the belief of the Ministry and the company management of the important role The Department of quality control in granting final certification and viability statement for consumption before distribution to agents.