Monitoring of irregularities in Mills and civil contracts and procurement processing and secure food vocabulary


The Department of finance and the Ministry of trade to monitor more than 21 contrary to the work of civil and governmental Mills broader regulatory campaign included all the joints of the Ministry of Commerce and included visits and checking all the records of the purchase and processing of receivables marketers of wheat.
Confirmed to News Center in Ministry of Commerce Hassan Mohammed Jassim, Director General of the Department of business and financial oversight and the angels control Chamber galvanized efforts to carry out comprehensive checks of all campaigns, hinges work in companies and the Ministry inspection visits amounted to more than 200 checks and inspection visit included Mills, construction sites and quality control services, exhibitions and business services divisions in Iraqi car companies and food, as well as (46) visit to the food agents.

The activity of the branches section is visited more than 1350 agent for foodstuffs have been monitoring more than 143 and in Basra, Muthanna, Karbala, Najaf and Salah al-Din, Kirkuk and Wasit while visiting the mills community reality 230 visit and 45 monitoring and supply stations visited by monitor were 189 more than 12 infringement while selling and cutting centres and 128 visits and monitoring 3.