Trade. Participate in the trade fair of Member States of the Organization of Islamic cooperation

General company for fairs and commercial services to Iraqi Trade Ministry shared the private suite area 30 m 2 trade fair of the States members of the OIC for the period from 22-26/5/2016 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center
Just confirmed Messaoudi General Manager added that the exhibition is an exhibition which yndamha the Islamic Centre for development of trade to an OIC (COMCEC) where the exhibition every two years in one of the Member States of the organization.

Adding the exhibition comes to publicize the products and services of the States members of OIC and raise the level of trade and the promotion of two-way investment opportunities between Member States and deepening cooperation in various economic fields between Member States and identifying investment opportunities, trade and the economy in the State organization with Member States, business people and investors from participating States and the opening of markets for products and industries participating States as well as trade between Member States and States hosting the show.

It should be noted that the share of the company to represent Iraq at the show for being an international trade show only posts by Islamic States members of OIC being one of its members as well as the definition of Iraqi industries, interaction with other participating States.