Diwaniya calls for the Ministry of Finance to release the completed projects allocations by 50%

2016-03-11 01:21:58 | (Voice of Iraq) - Diwaniyah

Government Diwaniya called on the Ministry of Finance to projects that exceed the fifty percent completion rates and allocations , including streams of Diwaniyah great project and the shrine of Imam Abou El Fadl Exchange, while stressed the need to find other sources of funding out of the financial crisis , which exposed more than the rest of the provinces.

A member of the Board of the province of Diwaniyah, Baqir Ali Shaalan, said in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The Council decided today in an emergency session , by a majority of members to submit a recommendation to the Finance Ministry to launch allocations to projects that exceed the rates of achievement in the fifty percent, including streams of Diwaniyah project great, and the construction of the shrine of Imam Abou El Fadl. "

He said Shaalan, that "Diwaniya , which is the second poorest provinces because of the lack of resources and tourist border and oil finance, making them fully dependent on the federal budget allocations within the budgets of the development of all the regions, and thus they become semi - paralyzed and more affected by the crisis , " calling " the central government to compensate maintaining at least the completion of the projects that had exhausted citizens, especially large streams of Diwaniyah project , which is the most harmful and a threat to their lives and health. "

The Commission services in the province of Diwaniyah, Ezzat (24 February), the current economic crisis to "mismanagement and poor planning", usually that decisions "random and irresponsible" led to interference in the work of the service departments and the implementation of the "useless projects", while municipals officials expressed their fear of the repercussions of austerity on the nature of the services, urging citizens to pay their accumulated debt in order to ensure the continued provision of municipal services.

The institution term, published in (24 January 2016), the channel and its newspaper, the achievement of (death in the depths of the Two Rivers), a project streams of Diwaniyah great Almtlki, which is implemented by the Rafidain Company for the establishment of dams one of the formations and the Ministry of Water Resources, which lost billions of dinars from Diwaniya province, (180 kilometers ) south of Baghdad, and caused serious damage to the citizens caused by the mismanagement of government planning.

And investigated investigate suspicions of corruption, mismanagement, and attempts to liquidate opponents, who accompanied the completion of the project streams of Diwaniyah great, and that caused the second poorest city in Iraq deprived of a strategic project urgently needed to complete the infrastructure, despite the fact that the Iraqi state earmarked for this project 218 billion Iraqi dinars ( about $ 182 million).

The Iraqi Council of Ministers, honest, in (12 of June , June 2011), to refer the project to the Mesopotamia State Company , affiliated to the Ministry of Water Resources, at $ 218 billion Iraqi dinars, duration of the completion of three years, although the company specializes only establishment dams, no relation to the projects sewer networks heavy water.