Chest: hold on in the face of corruption both remain among you or killed

10/3/2016, 20:04 posted by:Messenger Delfi

He called the leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr, Thursday, his followers not to "wronged them" come to the planned launch event tomorrow in Tahrir square in central Baghdad, while urging them to withstand in corruption if the Government failed to reform either stayed alive or killed. "

Sadr said in a press statement, "proudly and fondly say you have the best emerging and righteousness you have raised our heads high has been in front of the whole world, all have impressed with you and your obedience and your demonstrations peaceful and your characters and your discipline and good show corporate national spirit".

"My loved ones ... I can tell in mouth-filling as cross-you okay Nasser and Iraq and its people and you are best enlisted in the Jihad and soh soh demonstration, said you were demonstrating why with your millions, clothed in the armor not hearts you are afraid of Lome match. "

He said Sadr "have you line up the coolest epic popular Iran participates in the previous weeks and I'm sure you won't let us down in this week long reform project also requires fortitude and sacrifice and love have accepted and even your passion condescending attitude to Iraq," adding, "you know about deputing home wounded. As you resisted formerly occupied and not let us down, I'm sure every confidence that they will resist corruption in protest tomorrow. "

"You will remain on the fortitude that did not meet the Government's radical reforms cutting you are bound to face corruption they standing whether you remain alive or killed with the enemies of Iraq and reform and liberalization."