Urgent Abadi gives blocs until next Wednesday to submit their nominations

2016/3/10 16:40

Abadi gives blocs until next Wednesday to submit their nominations
[Oan- Baghdad]
Gave Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi political blocs to submit their nominations to fill government positions in a cabinet reshuffle expected until next Wednesday.
According to the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister [agency] Mahdi Keywords, in a formal letter and face to the political blocs, "at the direction of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and in order to accomplish the process of the reshuffle, please provide the names of the candidates who see them qualified technocrats to take responsibility for the ministry, which nominates them all of them, in terms of efficiency, professionalism and integrity. "
He called Keywords blocs to "Send CVs of candidates to take over the committee of experts formed by the Prime Minister review and advise on the candidates, to be given answers to the Committee's headquarters at the Prime Minister's Office no later than on 03.16.2016" who befriends Wednesday.
The Information Office of the Prime Minister announced Thursday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi sent a document comprehensive reforms ministerial amendment, which includes the criteria and mechanisms of the political blocs.
He said the "document includes 10 files include choosing ministers technocrats Council and evaluate the performance of ministries and the fight against corruption and simplification of procedures the government program packages and reforms in various sectors standards."
Ebadi said in a speech yesterday to the Iraqi people: "We will carry out cabinet reshuffle fundamental soon, and we'll show ministers the names of professionals and qualified to fill the portfolios covered by the change, according to constitutional frameworks and confirming the political partnership between the Iraqi people and its legitimate representatives."
He revealed the National Alliance MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar on the terms of the ministerial change standards saying to [where], that "the choice of prime minister will be from ministries, universities condition that does not have a prominent figure in any of the parties did not receive any position previously and that has the consent of the Prime Minister presenting the blocks or vice versa offer mass and Aarza him prime minister. "
And published [where] a copy of the nomination form for ministerial positions and includes several fields, including general jurisdiction and flour for the candidate and the number of years of service both in government jobs or in mixed and private sectors and even in self-employment, and stressed the need Humane biography of the candidate with the form.