War confirms that "almostra waldktrh" have nothing to do with the term technocrat

Thursday, 10-03-2016 05:34 pm

Follow-up/Iraq today
Legal expert noted, Tariq Harb that first week of March has passed, political movement still exists in full swing to prepare for the new Ministry have constitutionally prescribed conditions and in particular article (77) of the Constitution,
And conditions required by the current stage of the country after the situation in the dependency of mass political submission of the Minister tendered his resignation to the leader of the mass and not to the Prime Minister about what is constitutional and legal decision, contrary to the provisions of article (83) of the Constitution, which decided to joint responsibility between the Minister and the Prime Minister which requires three conditions previously mentioned together, not separately as no Minister for works of a single clause of these terms or conditions without all three conditions do not Eligibility to Minister to this post even though the technocrat, if honesty and integrity and the loss of independence and professionalism, so a child of mass and not for this post who provided where honesty and integrity without conditional technocrats and independence, and not to give the Minister and that was independent and professionally if the condition and integrity and technocrats, and that means war also stresses: "the Minister must have as technocrats first, honesty and integrity and chastity, and subordination to the people and the country and the nation and Prime III with the note, the term technocrat Not mean academic master's and doctoral degrees, but the experience, competence and knowledge, skill, and these are often available who exercised practical face there who face only theoretical exercises such as those who teach in universities and colleges, since that principle (aldketrh walmstrh) to PhD and masters existed ", referring to the facts by saying:" that the facts proved, for example, that (Zaha Hadid) is an architectural engineer in the world, despite the presence of millions of recipients of doctoral degrees in its jurisdiction, and Awarded the Nobel Prize for literature Naguib Mahfouz to Arabic, despite the presence of tens of thousands of PhD holders in academic literature, the same was said about ministries that form in other States, which do not make a title certificate as far as making the experience, skill and ingenuity, efficiency and practicality an essential condition, this is a difficult task for Prime Minister added to the difficulties and complexities of the political blocs put the Prime Minister in his reform agenda. "