Parliamentary Finance: customs revenue in the pockets of corrupt officials

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Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Thursday the existence of serious problems in the customs starting from the staff down to the application of customs tariff, noting that the revenues of customs intervention in the pockets of corrupt customs officials.

He said committee member Majda al-Tamimi's / balances News /, that "there are many problems in customs, where it was supposed to re-evaluate the existing human resources in customs to see if the employee is in the proper place," indicating that "the customs need to be a staff member holding a certificate and has full knowledge of dealing with a computer would like other developed countries, citing the reason that there are so dependent on software to know the material fall within any category and how to deal with it and learn compliance with specifications or not. "

And he confirmed that "Customs has a lot of revenue, but do not go to the stock of the state, but the intervention in these corrupt officials pockets," indicating that "the customs tariff was voted on in parliament, but their application was in part has not been in a holistic manner in addition to the need to reconsider tariff items covered by the measures. "

She pointed out that "there is a lot of material has not been customs tariff it placed the top where he has to be to reduce unemployment in Iraq through the creation of employment opportunities," adding that "there is the ability to combine a group of young people and the establishment of small plants for the production of some materials to prevent exit currency outside the country as well as the reduction of unemployment. "

This revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, earlier, for that little money from customs revenues go to the state treasury obsessed with corruption at the highest percentage of them. "Ended
From: Nur al-Din Wahba