Abadi approaching announcement New squad .. and large components maintains (5) sovereign ministries
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Approaching Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to provide new his cabinet in the coming days, after being part of winning a parliamentary majority of 172 votes in parliament. She talks about parliamentary sources said Abadi within the support of the Supreme Council of the National Alliance, as well as Kurds and Sunnis.

And ensure large components control of the five sovereign ministries in the new cabinet cabin. According to the leaks, the current Oil Minister Adel Abdul - Mahdi will be the Ministry of Finance, as will be Hoshyar Zebari, the current Minister of Finance, Foreign Affairs portfolio , replacing Ibrahim al - Jaafari , who will retain under the chairmanship of the National Alliance. And it will retain the year to take over my bag of education and planning.

According to the leaks, the next government will consist of 22 bag, and that the change, which will be in two phases, will include 12 ministers, and includes the abolition of the ministries of youth and migration and converted to independent bodies.

It will be Minister of partisan technocrats who took over the functions of the ministries agents and general managers.

According to a parliamentary source familiar with (range), speaking on condition of anonymity, he said , "In the event that Abadi pass the new cabinet would resign his booth of the Parliament", stressing that " the decision to resign has been agreed within the coalition of state law."

He said the source familiar with the corridors of the efforts of the Prime Minister that "Abadi will introduce new ministerial his booth on the political blocs in the next few hours to see them before they are submitted to the House of Representatives." He believes that all political parties are in agreement and in favor of this new selection through negotiations that took place during the past few days.

The source continued by saying that " the new cabin has kept five ministers of the current government . They are just the Mahdi, who will occupy the Ministry of Finance, and Hoshyar Zebari , foreign minister , while each of the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudan has not changed, and Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili. "

The source pointed out that " the new changes will include the replacement of 12 ministers , including the ministers of defense, interior, agriculture, construction, housing, agriculture, health, water resources, industry, minerals, foreign, higher education and scientific research , " pointing to "convert each of the Ministries of Youth and Sports and immigration Displacement and to independent bodies. " The source says that "Hadi al - Amiri has become a hot candidate to take over the interior ministry."

He revealed the source familiar with the "new selections were based on the agents and general managers in the joints of the ministries as candidates according to their terms of reference , " noting that "Hola general managers and deputy ministers were originally representing the political blocs and other components."

The source asserts, in his speech (range), that "in the event of blocs rejected candidates from the ministries Abadi will go to university professors who have the expertise and efficiency and associates of the political blocs."

He held the Prime Minister, over the past few days, the semi - secret negotiations with the Supreme Council , which was convinced to reverse its reservations about the formation of a new government of technocrats. According to the source, the Abadi agreed to keep Adel Abdul Mahdi , within the next selection, in addition to granting citizens the block two suitcases and Zareeten.

The source said that "some ministers came rotate in order to gain the trust of the bloc and to ensure the passing of ministerial cabin in the House of Representatives in the event of presentation." He says that the "coalition of the rule of law movement on some of Representatives and received the support of nearly 170 MPs from different political blocs to vote on the new cabinet in the parliament."

To the detection of the source 's determination to choose the prime minister and two ministers from outside the bloc by opening the door for nomination by the ministerial committee after reviewing the CVs of the applicants.

The source asserts that "Abadi will not expose his booth ministerial fully , " likely displayed in two phases, the first to include a change of about 7 ministers, and completed the second phase to change the rest of the Cabinet. It expected that the new government includes 22 bag.

In the meantime, MP said Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, (long - Presse) yesterday, " The committee set up by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to choose a new ministerial his booth completed its work and submitted to the Prime Minister and document the reforms , which included evaluating the work of current ministers and new names for the cabins ministerial and features of the next government program. "

The leader of the state law that " the document was delivered to the blocks coalition to demonstrate her opinion, but without knowing that it was the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, selected names in the document had been adopted , " pointing out that " the next 48 hours will appear where the decisive result on the views of the coalition blocks both on Abadi reformist or project on the change in government, after knowing the names included in the document. "

According to MP Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, the Abadi would approach blocs document reform after the presentation to a meeting of the National Alliance. "Predicting that" Abadi offers his booth the new cabinet to parliament within the next few days. "But he acknowledged that" the prime minister has yet to issue the change shows you be partial or Inclusive".

But MP Taha defensive confirms (range), that " a partial change in the current cabinet in part will create a problem with the cleric , who insists that the change is radical and comprehensive , " pointing out that "partial changes will not be the subject of disagreement between the political blocs."

Defensive asserts that "pass the new ministerial cabin need to be agreed upon between the National Alliance and the Sunni and Kurdish blocs."

In the meantime, news leaks about the completion of the committee formed by Sadr its nomination list of ministers technocrats. And picked up several lists of sites, it could not be ascertained.

And reticent deputies Liberal bloc on the details of the work of the committee set up their leader, stressing that it is working independently and away even from the chest intervention itself.

MP confirms the Messenger of al - Taie, a member of the Liberal parliamentary bloc, said that " the demonstrations will continue until the implementation of the integrated reform project , which does not represent the party or sect , but represents all Iraqis."

He called al - Taie, told the (range), the House of Representatives , "Abadi and monitor these reforms be real reforms , not paper." He believed that the "head of government reforms and paper and not real."

MP for the Liberal bloc and asserts that " the demonstrations will be retained in the next combination , " pointing out that " the decision is entrusted to the current leader Moqtada al - Sadr , which will determine the next steps."

Mohammed Sabah

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