Urgent Abadi: cabinet reshuffle soon , we will implement a professional and efficient names

2016/3/9 20:15

Abadi: cabinet reshuffle soon, we will implement a professional and efficient names
[Oan- Baghdad]
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said, "We will implement the Ministerial fundamental change soon and we'll show the names of ministers and competent professionals to fill the portfolios covered by the change, according to constitutional frameworks and confirming the political partnership between the components of the people and its legitimate representatives."
He said al-Abadi in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people, "We have provided the necessary support for devices judiciary and the integrity and regulatory bodies to do their part with determination and strength, and we look forward to the participation of popular and media in exposing the corrupt and venal who were disbanding the interests of the people in government departments."
He stressed, "We can never allow armed appearances outside of the state and threaten the security of citizens and overtaking on the checkpoints and the passage of militants from which" adding that "the implementation of the reforms should be done in cooperation and not through the imposition of a fait accompli and to destabilize the security of our beloved capital Baghdad and the security of the rest of the provincial policy." .
Abadi stressed that "destabilize the security of citizens is unacceptable and will not allow it at all especially since we also live under the threat of terrorism and the criminal gangs and remnants of the former regime."
The new prime minister, "our consistent position to guarantee the right to demonstrate peacefully in accordance with legal procedures and within the specified places by the security services, and we said to the demonstrators from the outset we are of you and with you in the same trench and we are not in Khandeghin."
"We are confident to achieve victory over terrorism and corruption, and we will succeed to go beyond the financial crisis, we have taken measures to guarantee the necessary treatments to overcome them," adding, "We are at every turn delicate pass by our dear homeland Nthaly wisdom to the highest level."
Among Abadi, that "wisdom is not vulnerable as fancy as some mistakes in his calculations, but appreciation of things and a high sense of responsibility and expense of a thorough and prudent reading of the results and to maintain the supreme interest of the country."