Turkmen: Taza Khurmatu Taatardha bombed with mustard gas and the government 's move

Turkmen Deputy Niazi architecture Davutoglu said on Wednesday that the districts of Taza Khurmatu and were subjected to bombardment by the terrorist gangs Daash poisonous mustard gas.

He said Davutoglu at a news conference on Wednesday attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] "saw Taza and KHURMATO over a week ago and specifically yesterday to heavy shelling dozens of rockets by mustard gas Daash gangs injuring many innocent people and now they are Kirkuk General Hospital are lying. "
He added that "medical Alvhsoat proved their exposure to this toxin through the presence of cases of suffocation among the injured," blaming "the government responsible for what is happening in the districts of Taza Khurmatu and the non-existence of the federal military formations in these areas."
"The Turkmen MPs in the House of Representatives appealed repeatedly executive authority and the relevant authorities need to speed up the liberalization of the village of Bashir and spend Taza from goalkeeper shelling gangs Daash but unfortunately did not respond to our prayers, making insulation Folks victim of terrorism without defend them one."
He MP Turkmen "We are representatives of the component of Turkmen in the House of Representatives in front of several options may resort to in case the Iraqi government and the international community's inability to provide help for our children in terms of Taza and the village of Bashir Iraqi government bears responsibility for what is happening there is not the presence of the federal military formations in these areas.
The Daash terrorist gangs have used more than once, multiple toxic gases Kkherdl and PCB sites in the bombing of the security forces and residential areas.
He said security expert and military analyst Hisham al-Hashimi, the sources Daash to toxic gases are stolen materials, including science laboratories were located in the University of Mosul for the purposes of Almah.