Infallible: ministers technocrats may be from the parties and give the oil to hit Daash

President Fuad Masum said that "the call for a government of technocrats not meaning to be a minister from outside to participate in the political process and the parties have many members in the parliament.
He said Masum said in an interview "possible to be candidates for the ministries of technocrats, there is no reason not to be a candidate for the Ministry of unaffiliated political organization or a political bloc at the same time be technocrats in the field of areas, so do not see a contradiction between the two ideas, to be partisan or political and technocratic At the same time".
"We believe that it is necessary to include the various actors reforms, we need security and political reforms, we have most of the political blocs formed on the basis of sectarian affiliation national, and that the case should be wider than that to be belonging to Iraq."
He revealed the president for "the existence of an open dialogue between the various parties can be during the period to reach an agreement, whether to change some ministers or that some political parties want to change the ministry, and this is still on the table for discussion."
He stressed "we when we look to the political situation in Iraq to deal with the current circumstances, the political Vaketl came elections and through legal elections can not be thinking now creating change, but it is necessary that there should be harmony between the prime minister and the cabinet, as well as that each minister be qualified to lead and manage his ministry ".
He revealed infallible give Iraq "sometimes" quantities of oil to countries in exchange for his help in the war on Daash said in response to a question about the possibility to take advantage of the Triple Alliance [Russia, Iran and Syria] "We ask for help from every side, and this is something the project, and sometimes help comes free We thank them for it, and sometimes come in exchange for oil or a loan, and we also welcome in every way. "