The establishment of an economic council to study the income and expenditure

3/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb

Iraq's stage of planning a new foundation for the construction of the national economy depends scientific analysis and accurate diagnosis, vocational and professional to manage the economy requires, according to an expert in financial affairs.

The International Union of Arab Bankers member Samir Nasiri: The prime minister's call for the formation of a technocratic government of technocrats of experts and specialists and professionals patriots of the first duties chart a new national economic approach to overcome the economic and our financial crisis and realize the true welfare of the community.

He suggested Alnasiri review the calendar and the rebuilding of structural and institutional system of the economy through the establishment of (Economic Council) and is linked to the Council of Ministers and the wide participation of government experts and private sector professionals, specialists and technocrats take the strategic planning of the economy and determine the operational policies and follow-up and monitor the implementation and issued by law committed by the ministries and all institutions and sectors State and its decisions are binding force after cabinet approval.

Make adjustments

He noted in an interview with «morning» to the importance that the Economic Council to re-examine the income and expenditure and the budget deficit in 2016, after taking into consideration the developments in the world oil prices and changes in the global economy and the conditions of objectivity and subjectivity surrounding Iraq and make the necessary amendments to the budget, logical and realistic application and the issuance of an extension and make it her within one month of the formation of the new government.

He pointed out the need for the Economic Council review the calendar of economic activities of the organizations from Iraq's central bank and economic ministries and departments belonging to them in light of new strategic and economic plans and make the necessary changes to these institutions and strengthen existing Mlakatha relying on scientific customization scientific and efficiency previous biography, integrity and national independence.

Alnasiri urged the need to establish a national fund for savings is linked to the Ministry of Finance and be a net importer of all non-oil imports and is not included in the budget and record all additional imports due to improved oil prices or subsidies and international aid or the United Nations assistance or respond to the Fund from the austerity measures and reduce government spending in all its forms .

Investment contracts

And he demanded the establishment of a supreme body for import and investment linked to the Council of Ministers and the form of angels and experts technocrats in import affairs and investment contracts of various terms of reference and the Commission shall prepare the curriculum import of the Ministries of State and the private sector in the light of the appropriations allocated to the actual and the need to encourage national industry and promote national capitalists to do investment projects in Iraq , to withdraw all the powers of Messrs own import and signing contracts minister and given to this body.

And the importance of promoting and encouraging the national goods and control imports process similar to the goods and apply controls of quality control in accordance with the Iraqi standard and tariffs and the support of the certificate of origin, pointing to the need to stop the import of all materials and consumer entertainment goods this year and only asset, including in markets within the country, as well as re-examine policy tax and customs duties in a comprehensive manner as is consistent with the economic approach
the new.

Alnasiri stressed the establishment of the National Reconstruction Council to take over the reconstruction of the cities affected by the process because of the war with Daash gangs, infrastructure and master in Baghdad and the provinces in accordance with the central plan for reconstruction approved by the Council of Ministers issued a law approved by the House of Representatives and thus withdraw all contractual authority for reconstruction projects of provincial and limit the customizations Council above, as stage requires the establishment (public Service board) shall coordinate with the Ministry of planning and the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research, the appointment of graduates of Iraqi university students in public office Mrkxiaomaahm according to the needs of ministries and departments and institutions of the government, according to decide the vacant degrees in the state budget.