Iraq Receives source gas from Iran after three weeks

The Minister of Oil and Assistant International Commercial Affairs Amarhasin Nia Zamani, the readiness of Iran to export natural gas to Iraq, and handed over at the borders of the two countries during the three coming weeks.

This came after Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangana meeting with Fayyad Hassan Nehme, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil on Tuesday in Tehran.
Nia Zamani and expressed the hope that will be the Iraqi party has completed preparations to receive gas, explaining that the 20 kilometers of the pipeline supply in Diyala is not yet complete.
Meanwhile, the Iranian official said that the meeting between the Minister of Oil and Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil also discussed crude oil and derivatives Basra - Abadan - Basra line.
He pointed to the formation of a joint committee of energy between the two countries, and he will head the Iranian side, the National Iranian Oil Company delegates in Iraq, while Iraq will announce his representative in the Commission.
He said Iran's oil minister assistant, the meeting discussed the technical cooperation and modernization of refineries Iraqi refining, and decides to take over the Iranian private companies the task.
He pointed out that the two sides also discussed the need for greater coordination in global oil markets, which was welcomed by the Minister of Iranian oil.