Experts and businessmen are looking to the future prospects of the energy sector of Iraq

Wednesday 09-03-2016 | 3:17:32

Twilight News / announced that the company "Med", for the "energy projects in Iraq" conference, which oversees the organization at the Sofitel Palm Hotel, Dubai on 21 of this month in 2016, which will discuss the future of Iraq's energy sector with the participation of government representatives and international oil and gas companies, engineering .

The significance of the conference at a time when Iraq's oil exports have shown unparalleled flexibility over the past three years, reaching new highs with the lifting of upstream projects in the energy sector of the country's ability to produce and transport crude oil.

According to the month of January 2016 numbers to access the export of Iraqi crude oil to average 3.88 million barrels a day, and this includes exports from the Kurdistan region of Iraq; an increase of 660,000 barrels for export rate in the first half of 2014.

Iraq remains the third largest projects markets in the Gulf region, adding up the value of developing infrastructure projects in the country to 358 billion US dollars, according to the service, "Mead Broujeteix" electronic state projects. The share of oil and gas projects and capacity is around US $ 90 billion of the total value of projects in the country. Developing infrastructure projects may contribute to increase the country's crude oil exports to exceed the rate of 4 million barrels per day in 2016, but this increase remain uncertain.

Iraq is facing economic and political challenges articulated may adversely affect the oil and gas industry operations; where the country is fighting a fierce war against the extremists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Daash), while Baghdad has suffered from financial crises.

The conference will provide a platform for discussion with encouraging insights for successfully facing the challenges of establishing a portfolio of energy projects in Iraq, which witnessed a steady growth. The list of government officials involved in the conference each of the Electricity Minister Qassim Mohammed Fahdawi, members of parliament, Adnan al-Janabi, Magda Abdel-Latif al-Tamimi, and Iraq's ambassador to the United States Luqman Abdul Halim Feeli, and Abdul-Hussein al-Anbaki, an economic adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
It is scheduled to join the list of participants at the conference a number of senior government officials from "South Refineries Company" Iraqi-owned by the public sector, and the "oil projects company", as well as representatives of the company, "an Anglo - Dutch Shell," and "Gas Company Basra ".

It is noteworthy that the conference has the support of the "Iraq Energy Institute." The list of sponsors him both "Rayyan group," and "General Electric", the company "Weir Oil and Gas," and "Khudairy group," the company "Gama Power," and the company "Shell Lubricants" and "Calik Energy