10/3/2016 12:00 am

Baghdad-Bashir khazal

Spokesperson for the Islamic Supreme Council, Hamid Reza that the National Alliance will remain open and that the reforms would include amnesty laws and the National Guard and the Federal Court.

Reza said in a statement to {morning»:» there is consensus from the majority of political forces, especially the National Alliance should not be sharp protests and remain within the framework of peaceful and does not carry through, and is therefore already compatible, McCann also discussed the whereabouts of whether demonstrators near the green zone in Tahrir square, fuller is expected to remain near the green zone for the next week at least, there are intensive efforts and strong Alliance for national consultation and debate because they realize that things are not without Gravity clear}. Between Reza «the Islamic Supreme Council had a vision not be change for change, but according to the ingredients to prove the efficiency of the Minister or his inability to manage the Ministry, still insist on the idea that change is in accordance with the regulations and standards and be a bench of technocrats with the approval of the political blocs themselves}. He noted that the reforms will include important laws» as the amnesty law, the National Guard and the Federal Court and the rest of other laws that came in a memorandum of understanding against which the Government was formed and approved by the House, although there are differences in the details of important laws but recent copies of these laws were close to consensus. Reza said "we call for the creation of large conglomerate blocks and transient communities, but not the image that we hear, each block should be 2 or 3, if such a formation in order to approximate or goodwill between political forces, it is a good effort, but it is not changing, and such a configuration (TRANS communities and titles) are not composed of individuals, but is formed from blocks or political actors on the scene}. The National Alliance is important and influential institution in the current political scene, but this institution exposed to situations of non-convergence, and this is true, but the Karbala meeting pointed out that the National Alliance can meet and you can come up with a unified theory and people waiting to heal this institution, also noted that all eyes turned to this meeting, these good indicators pointing to the possibility of the emergence of a solution within this institution, the Supreme Council plays the role of bringing these powerful enterprise Continuously. He noted that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi eight files relating to the State and the election of the reformist vision ministries and presented at the previous meeting, was sustaining discussion and delve into the details of those files, but the meeting occurs on the subject of protests and reforms, and discussions are expected to continue until next week}.