Labour declares controls apply for soft loans

03/09/2016 11:29

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced on Wednesday the introduction of the controls on the small income-generating projects loans within the lending program.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem in a statement that the Employment Service and loans identified inter controls to apply for the loans granted to researchers registered to work in the database, according to the priority of the recording, noting that the age of the job seeker must be at least 18 years old and not more than 45 years.
He added that the department require that the borrower himself running the project, and may not be awarded the job seeker more than one loan, noting that he is entitled to only one member of the family can apply for the loan and that the job seeker has one chance to apply for the loan.
He explained Menem said the ministry embarked on a program fund to support income - generating projects in 2013, according to Law No. (10) for the year 2012 and the program of industrial services loans during the month of February of 2015, pointing out that the upper limit per loan from the fund to support small income-generating projects up to 12 million dinars, shall not exceed the amount of the loan within the industrial services program ten million dinars to be paid in installments over five years , with the granting of a one - year grace period without interest incurred on the principal amount.
He noted that the ministry has provided facilities and put procedures during which she treated choke points to a new action plan to achieve speed in the completion of transactions , including matters relating to the validity of the issuance guarantor borrower, and the intersection of borrower data and networking between the departments concerned completion of borrowers transactions to control the flow of transactions.