Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 10:57
In the name of God the merciful
(Lord, make this country safe and blessed family of fruits)
My brothers and sisters, the glorious Iraqi people
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Thank God that we are a year and a half ago had received Prime Minister we were fighting on the outskirts of Baghdad, daash environs today stands at the threshold of your children concerned connector for decontamination, and was approaching the divine victory, more than ever, we vaunt Championships Iraqis in this great achievement attained.
And the more our concern today is sustaining the momentum of victories all but owned the Division of Iraq and financial and human capacities, battle intro on each priority as they battle a homeland and the people must be as well.
Today, I appeal to you in this delicate and dangerous conditions experienced by Iraq and in the region and that require a unified stance and remind ya people dear to you sons Gyaltsen Gyari continued day and night to protect you and your weikhodo risk fierce battles against terrorism aldaashi on fronts, underlining the combatants in the army, the police, the crowd and the volunteers of tribesmen coolest epics and triumphs, and this constant battle and awaits you for moral support and attribution.
In these circumstances we must unite our efforts and our energies to supporting our heroes and not their letting and lannshaghl in any battle side affect to sustain the momentum of the battles against terrorism and languish.
Everyone knows I am the first project launched and reforms worked out since the beginning of my presidency of the Government, and still when I follow my v vizeha step by step, it is not easy as you think, but is another battle to fight under the threat of serious security and corruption and put a suffocating financial and economic result of the sudden collapse in oil prices.
It is normal that faced opposition and reform difficulties and obstacles, and must be conducted in accordance with constitutional and legal frameworks, and also requires consultation with all components of the Iraqi people, cannot override the ingredients and distinguish them compromising their rights.
That broad support for reforms of the Iraqi people and the Supreme religious authority and political power was stronger and incentive to us in this battle, is pleased to welcome the comprehensive reforms and reshuffle we made recently which was consistent with our vision of the need for change and the formation of an expert and specialized ministerial team able to get out of the country to develop best in all fields and revitalizing the economy and move the business and service development, and today we are closer to our access point and calling it on the road Fix.
And before that assure you that we will implement fundamental shakeup soon, God willing, we will present the names of professional and competent Ministers to fill ministerial portfolios covered change according to constitutional frameworks and underlines the political partnership between the components of the Iraqi people and their legitimate representatives, and address the political blocs in the Chamber of Deputies and various community activities to achieve this goal. We have comprehensive reform document containing the Executive summary on the Government's approach and improving financial management and voluntary advisory group, includes a dozen document files concerning the reform and development of State action.
Within the package we put the program to provide an opportunity for experienced and professional candidates for senior positions and, as we will have changes in independent bodies to make them independent and run by competent and independent professionals.
I know bear heavy responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces along with the leadership of the Government and the executive action of the State in which the economic and financial situation complex and lack of revenue, also face an army of corruption and corrupt people and have taken a series of measures to track down and arrest senior spoilers and provided necessary support to the judiciary and the integrity to do their part resolutely and forcefully, and implement that formed a Supreme Committee to follow up the fight against corruption and the coordination of efforts among the various institutions involved in combating corruption, in accordance with the legal and constitutional frameworks and providing all supplies that contribute to success Their mission including legislation and necessary instructions.
We look forward to popular participation and media Chief spoilers and corrupt who hold up the interests of the people in the State.
In the face of these serious challenges and tasks, the implementation of reforms must be cooperation and not through imposition of a fait accompli and destabilize our beloved capital Baghdad and the security of the rest of the provinces, this is unacceptable and will not allow absolute and we live under the threat of terrorism and his criminal and remnants of the regime and not they to only use for shuffling add to their attempts to revive sectarian strife over the attacks and bombings which killed hundreds of innocent civilians in mosques, markets and public places.
As Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, primarily responsible for the security of the citizen could not let start armed appearances outside the State and threaten the security of citizens and bypass checkpoints and gunmen, and the duty to take measures to prevent it and maintain that security effort should be directed against terrorism, that doesn't waste here or there.
We reiterate our firm position to guarantee the right of peaceful assembly in accordance with legal contexts and within specific spaces by security services, and as you know we had and we still listen to every sound and every requirement draft, welaivotni here to pay tribute to my sons who are committed to peaceful demonstrators and sons expressed appreciation to the legitimacy of their claims.
We have demonstrators since the beginning we you and with you in the same boat and we are not in the trenches, as a tribute to discipline and higher vigilance of members of security agencies charged with protecting the protesters along the primary duty to maintain security and counter terrorist fronts and within cities.
Ask Almighty Allaah to help us to protect Iraq, its people and rid the homeland and citizens of the evil of terrorism and that we can meet the expectations and aspirations of our people, and we renew our pledge and promised to free all the territory of Iraq and its towns usurped and defeat the final bedaash.
We pledge to you to achieving political and economic reforms that they yearn for it, and we renew our appeal to all of you and with unity and cooperation and responsibility towards Iraq, security and interests of the people.
We assure our dear we are confident to achieve victory over terrorism and corruption and will override the financial crisis, we have taken measures and remedies to overcome them.
We at every turn by our sensitive Aziz have wisdom to maximum levels, and wisdom is not vulnerable as some fancy and errs in its accounts but appreciation and high sense of responsibility and accurate calculation and read Matt's results and his primacy to the Supreme interest of the country.
Ask God to protect Iraq, and support our heroes.
Tribute to the souls of the martyrs and the wounded and their families, sacrificial love.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
Dr. Haidar Al-Abbadi
The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces
Wednesday March 9, 2016