Abadi: cabinet reshuffle would be in accordance with the constitutional frameworks so as to enhance the partnership between the components of the people

03/09/2016 20:22

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said Wednesday that the cabinet reshuffle will soon be essential, and while pointing to display the names of the ministers and competent professionals to fill ministerial portfolios, he stressed that the change will be in accordance with the constitutional frameworks and political partnership between the components of the people.

Ebadi said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people and seen by the (long-Presse), that "we will implement the Ministerial fundamental change soon and we'll show the names of the ministers who are competent professionals, and fill ministerial portfolios covered by the change."

He added Abadi, that "change would be in accordance with the constitutional frameworks and asserting the political partnership between the components of the people and their representatives and everyone knows I'm the first to launch a project of reforms and worked out since the beginning I assumed the presidency of the government and I'm still at my covenant, I follow implemented step by step, which is not as easy as some might imagine. It is another battle we are engaged in a serious security threat and great corruption and the development of financial and economic claustrophobic as a result of the sudden collapse of oil prices. "

Abadi said that "it is natural that face opposition and difficulties and obstacles reforms, and must be conducted in accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks, and also require consultation with all components of the Iraqi people, as it can not overcome the ingredients and to distinguish them forfeit their rights."

He said the Prime Minister that "the great support for the reforms from the pan of the Iraqi people is supreme religious authority and the general political forces was the strongest support and motivation for us in this battle, it is a pleasure is to welcome the popular comprehensive reforms and reshuffle recently we declared, which came in line with our vision of the need for change and the formation of a ministerial team experts and specialists is able to get out of the country to a better position in all fields and stimulate the economy and move the labor sector and the development of services, and today we are closer to reaching our goal and point to what you are doing on the road to reform.

Among Abadi he "has to address the political blocs in the House of Representatives and the various activities of the community to achieve this goal, we have provided a document comprehensive reform that includes an executive summary about the course of action the government and the Financial Management Improvement Advisory Panel voluntary, as the document include ten files relating to reforms and develop the work of the state." , pointing to the establishment of a program to provide an opportunity for owners of expertise and professionals to run for office for the Supreme, and make changes in the independent bodies to make them independent and actually managed by professionals competent and independent. "