Czech send experts to train Iraqi police in the fight against explosives and riots

03/09/2016 19:59

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Czech government announced on Wednesday its intention to send experts to train as a contribution to the Iraqi police forces in the war against "terrorism", at the request of Baghdad and the international coalition, while a local newspaper revealed assume those experts who will begin their duties in the second half of the year the current 2016 train their Iraqi counterparts on the explosive ordnance disposal and counter the effect of the snipers.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Jacob Kolhank, told the newspaper Lidove Novina Lidove noviny Czech, published today, followed up (range Press), "The Czech police are planning to send several teams of experts to train local Iraqi police," he returned that "it is another contribution of the Czech government to help Iraq in its war against al Daash, having previously Baghdad processing hundreds of tons of ammunition, and sold L- 159 combat aircraft. "

He Kolhank, that "the Czech send trainers to Iraq comes at the request of his government and the international coalition," noting that "each meal consists of coaches from 10 to 20 people will go to Iraq rotates every six weeks."

The newspaper reported that "units of the Czech police will provide expertise to the Iraqi counterpart in explosive ordnance disposal and improvised explosive devices the effect of the field, facing snipers and law enforcement and anti-riots," asserting that "the first band from the Czech police will leave Prague in the second half of the current 2016, to be complementary to the unity Italian police, consisting of 100 experts in training the local Iraqi police forces. "

The Czech government, announced in (the 25th of January 2016), discussed sending 6,500 new and used rifle, and millions of releases to the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga, while confirmed that the ammunition will be handed over to Iraq through the United States, showed that it was made during the last term of military aid included launchers "RPG" and grenades.

The Czech government, announced, (23 July last in 2015), its intention to donate second batch of ammunition to Iraq at the request of the US government as part of its contribution to the war against terrorism, indicating that it contains grenades and rounds machine guns, with a weight of up to 260 tons, worth nearly Al660 thousand dollars.

It was the Czech news agency, announced (27 August last 2014), the government's approval to send ammunition for Kalashnikov assault rifles and machine guns, as well as hand grenades and ammunition, rocket shells, the forces and Kurdish Peshmerga, indicating that the value of two million dollars, and will be transferred to Iraq by troops US.

The company (Aero Vodochody) Czech, announced in (the 1 of February 2016), ending the training of the first meal of the Iraqi pilots on the 159 L-plane, and revealed its intention to hand Iraq over three other aircraft during the first half of the current 2016, while Izzat Ministry Czech defense delayed delivery of aircraft to Britain fears of the plane's warning system has, however (Daash).