Wise: reduction of the problems the change of a number of ministers "escape" onward and rotate the crisis


Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar Al-Hakim, reduction of all problems by changing the number of ministers escape onward and rotate the crisis and not its administration, stressing to free sterile basin lisp is beginning to resolve the battle of fallujah.
And he said the wise by cultural mtqy Wallace Communists to take place on Wednesday in his office, Baghdad, " we were, and still we will believe the draft State-building and institutions and to believe that any political action should emanate from the vision of State-building and Be aimed at strengthening the pillars of the state, and see the light at the end of this tunnel, and that the will of good strong if you met the one vision one goal ".
He's " the change that we agree with our brothers and our partners depends on to be a change the deliberate and clear criteria, and Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to take a bunch of important changes in the process of reform and felt a big one , start changing a bunch of ministerial positions, and requests the political forces to participate in government, providing new options within specifications and scientific criteria established by, up to the ministerial team consistent with vision and aspirations for the next phase in the process of building The State and the institutions of the first phase ".
And to " change should coincide with resolving file nominations by proxy in each state, this phenomenon is one of the important reasons for the failure in the management of the governmental institutions and are considered to be contrary to the constitution and the will of the people, and to evaluate the performance of the government in the future you have To be within the parameters of an agreed and on her head to deal with the File Proxy appointments must be cap frame to complete this file ".
And said, " there are dozens of locations of the state administration, which did not occupy vacant yet, when we talk about change and reform mustn't tell blackmail him changed some ministers, the state and its institutions managed sites mediocrity of directors And Agents, despite our faith minister during a significant role in the management of his ministry, but the rest of effective management of the practical and technical directors, however, the agents of the minister, and to be the application of the principle of change all directors non-some good people, and install some good people Of them through their offer on the house of representatives and without exception ".
And the wise it's " this step, we make room for thousands of young competencies of access to executive positions and new blood in the veins of the state, flabby and change or install all heads of independent bodies contributing to finding a pulse radar and a new government The people of this change government performance as a whole.
And put the wise seven points on which to focus in the process of reform and change, namely:
1-change part of ministerial sites identified by the president of the council of ministers.
2 the dismantling of the ministries under the 21 act and conversion of its powers to local governments.
3-transferring some ministries to bodies and end the intersections between the administrative ministries and agencies.
4-Closed Proxy appointments within a specific time period agreed upon as criteria for assessing the performance of the government, and not be there anymore, any government site managed by proxy.
5-fill the vacancies in government positions and estimated by tens, and our giving suggests that between sites by proxy and vacant positions there up to 300 a government post ready to inject new blood in the current time.
6 Assessment of the heads of independent bodies and change them or install, integrate bodies with common tasks or furrows and set clear standards of the meaning of technocrats and not remain words inch air and vague.
7 adoption of specific package of important laws and broken between the government and Parliament.
And make sure that "these seven points if they have been implemented quickly, accuracy and within a specific timetable, we've made the process of change and fundamental reform of the intergovernmental panel on structuring the institutions and we put our feet on the right path".
He considered the all-wise, significant progress for military forces in the centre of a talker, advanced qualitatively and swift in a standard which shows a significant change in the map of battles with terrorism, especially if the liberation tharthar basin will give our military capacity to continue Progress in several areas, and beginning to resolve the battle of fallujah and editing of prudence terrorism obscurantist ltkfyry and thought pervert ".
And continued, "and what the security we have faced in the last days of the tendencies of death only suffered by terrorists", Calling for the armed forces to " secure the home front more vigilance and attention, because the reaction reprisals on terrorism military victories will focus in areas of population and among civilians, these criminals when they are unable to cope with the men in the battlefield, they're back. To what when they is killing of civilians, women and children, but to teach these criminals they wood fire and her and that people have won though his surgery its them 12 years ago, exercising their car and ram them. And sing to them pervert all they could bundle of bleeding to play that people or break his fork and have failed will fail and not to them except in the dumps site history will keep this people and Iraq remains dear honorees ".
"today windbag tomorrow fallujah and hawijah, and then Mosul and will continue to cleanse our cities from this impurity and will return to our sun shines again after the break through their evil and misguidance and delinquency".
He Drew the wise to " Iraq as he moved from dictatorship to a parliamentary democracy in political terms, it was supposed to move from a centralized economy directed to the free market economy, but unfortunately, this is not achieved economic departure and is one of the most important reasons of the collapse of the economy Iraq, still state drive everything and decide to all the themes and still rentier economy based on oil is the only source like the Iraqi state ".
He felt " it is not reasonable to administered hundreds of companies by the state, and is lost in aggregate companies and have not been rehabilitated and administrative and privatized yet!! And necessary to resolve the trend for the country's economic and sold to these companies to the private sector and the state addressing the affairs of the workers and staff ".
" it's " no state can operate on the market to stay holding hundreds of companies the defunct or idiom reluctant and lost, and must be resolved this file protection of staff and employees as soon as possible ".
And into it " in the file of the agricultural, we in our paper reform we sent to the presidency of the council of ministers mentioned the need for the liberalization of the agricultural land no laws governing the agricultural land is old and outdated laws do not allow the development of the agriculture sector. The housing sector, and let us to ownership of agricultural land to farmers, no citizen whenever I feel this earth queen of exchange it will work on them, and invest it in a way that is more effective and turn the earth into a commodity. Bought and sold, and to be clear its ownership of the process of eliciting an effective tax it thus make million dunums neglected to bonds traded and sell it and buy her subject in the economic development of the country.
And it's " in the housing sector have called to liberalize the system of mortgage loans and civil bank loans to citizens arrested secretariat of state, we can address the problem of housing and provide us with a decent citizens unless we free land and give us all an Iraqi family The right to own housing units and a piece of land in a country that invented selkies mortar system bank mortgage financing ".
And make sure the wise to " economic file is paramount importance in the reforms after file the administration of the government, there is no value to the government of technocrats or others and is economically crippled and a failure in the management of economic file and reluctant to develop solutions Quick chronic problems are suffocating the economy and restrict citizens ".
And bless the wise women in her eyes said: and we're out of respect for Iraqi women steadfast and patient which proved the it's Phoenix Iraq that don't bend and break, stand out of respect for the mothers of the martyrs who zffn sons here and one with them and they In the prime of life to protect this country from the worst terrorist attack your savings barbaric suffered in modern history, and we are out of respect for women displaced and who left their homes to not living under the banner of succession, the cursed devil, bow our figures in front of our brothers the pia And walk in the darkness of the succession of Lucifer, and he ".
" we say, Duncan God died and older preaching to our lady zainab and she is the daughter of the prince of believers and granddaughter Prophet the secretary may spit and decided on Eddie Granny these perverts who were soccer today on charges of religion, race, creed, and they're Indeed, no religion or creed, but they ignore the remnants of the quraysh and grandchildren at large and to c them eating lạkbạd, they had brought a girl to them before, it is not strange to them is haram and today ".
Increased "Stand greeting to mothers fighters ytwsdwn dust this home waiting for the sun rises you victory and they return to their homes and in their mothers and wives and they're expensive Lynn with victory".
And on the decision of the states of the gulf cooperation council as hezbollah terrorist organization wise men said: I'm not defending Hezbollah, because he doesn't need our defense and remember us, but to defend him his history of the Arab Muslim supervisor, to defend him date resistor And thousands of Arabs who freed the prisoners at the hands of his men, will defend bless e who liberated the Arab land only recovered with blood and a gun.
And it's too bad is to turn the differences in opinions and curriculum between brothers to demolish and abolish, tomorrow, no matter how late this will all be over synapsis and intersection, and tomorrow, no matter how late will prove the rules of engagement of the new, But of course to the occupation of Palestine and mz̧lwmyh his people an ongoing case and challenges in our world Islamic and Arabic continues, I wonder will stay hezbollah a terrorist in the eyes of some, and he fights for all Arabs and protects the symptoms of all Arabs And maintain the unity of Lebanon, we were hoping to stay bridges between the brothers, we maintain bridges connecting with our enemies, why cut it up with our brothers, even if we fought in the second and the website ".
And on the regional situation wise men said: we are witnessing a large mobile tables that dialogue and not on the trenches fighting!, This is what let's him from the start and we are confident that he is the only solution in a day of days, and that the humanitarian situation in Syria will no longer be tolerated more blood and destruction and must put an end to this The tragedy of great humanitarian and shameful before any other political considerations, it has destroyed the beautiful Syria and become a breeding ground for lạfạq spray from all regions of the world to express their corruption and ram them and their ideas, perverted, stressing that the continuation of the truce will be the beginning of the Big solutions to difficult.
" as we wish to be there at the end of the real war of Yemen van people one must be for them to sit down days at the same table and put their doubts supplies of mutual trust between them on the table of dialogue so as to ensure that to themselves a common life. The freedom and dignity, justice, our peoples in the region had suffered terrible suffering among the states of the region conflicts, internal and external tangled and now it's time to put an end to this tragedy and catastrophic ".