The governor of Salahuddin province and the director of education department heads marred by administrative and financial corruption

Dated: 03/09/2016 Wednesday 7:23

Follow-up / Iraq today
Revealed the governor Raed Salah al-Din al-Jubouri, said that raising the province director and department heads Amuhm administrative and financial corruption, and as he pointed to the existence of irregularities and fraud in appointments husbandry province, Education Minister called for the investigation and referral of those involved to eliminate the fair.
Jubouri said that "raising the province and its Director General and a number of departments involved managers of violating the law and Amuhm administrative and financial corruption," adding that he "was detected fraud in appointments for the years 2015 and 2016," added al-Jubouri that "the Directorate deposited staff and teachers and teachers of Sharqat salaries banking is a civil matter, which is a legal violation and a crime against the people and state funds, "calling on the province and the council to" the formation of the investigative committees and referral of those involved to eliminate and retrieval rights. "it is said that many of the school districts in Baghdad and the province are complaining of a lack of cadres of teaching, according to observers, while the ministry attributes the lack of appointments to the financial allocations.