Mahmood: There are about three judges in each court and are eager to leave the writing paper

Wednesday 09-03-2016 | 11:00:06

Twilight News / conducted Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud President of the Federal Judiciary, Wednesday morning visit to the Judicial Development Institute associated with the federal judiciary to inform the field to set up the courses.

Al-Mahmoud said during a meeting with a number of effectives judges in the developmental cycle in the field of procedural law, "The selection of participants in this session was an accurate foundation and purpose of the exchange of experiences among judges from all provinces and raise the performance of the judicial knowledge of experienced judges level."

Al-Mahmoud said that "the number of judges in a continuous increase in the scientific foundations and efficiency," pointing out that "every court in Iraq has become a three or two of the judges at the very least, unlike what was the case before the founding of the Supreme Judicial Council in 2003, where he was the individual judge seen more than a court. "

He pointed out that "this increase is a cause for pride," noting that "this session will last for two weeks."

Mahmood also briefed on the course of judicial investigators, asserting that "The federal judiciary is eager to leave the writing paper in controlling the proceedings, and the transition to electronic printing as is the case with the rest of the developed countries", stressing that "we have made advanced steps at this level."