After the mission in "agriculture": Shahristani sits on the throne, "the minister tomato"

03/08/2016 20:16

BAGHDAD / obelisk: the day after the announcement of the oil parliament for the formation of an investigative committee in the past, Sunday, March 6, 2016, to investigate the oil licensing concluded earlier by the Ministry of Oil rounds, in the era of pay Hussain al-Shahristani, deputy prime minister for energy affairs, commissioned Shahristani, who is currently the Minister of Higher Education and scientific research, headed by the "Committee of agricultural policy-making."

Shahristani said the official page on the social networking site, that is a has been issued appointing him chairman of the agricultural policy are searching in the reform of the agricultural reality.

But this assignment, left behind a controversy about the significance of the appointment of the Minister proved miserably in the petroleum File Manager, gave no successes remember the foundation for the education of high-discreet in Iraq, to ​​the extent that Iraq's university students demonstrated over the past few days, demanding his dismissal because of what they see as miserably in establishing a university education that meets the demands and needs of the country, and enhance the campus environment serve the Iraqi student.

And Shahristani case anyway a lot of ministers who have proved a failure in the management of the various ministries, has become a face softened the various ministries, under the phenomenon of "recycling" ministries on the same people, to pick up the official, who is fit for the Ministry of the phenomenon, and any position.

Perhaps al-Shahristani, and Transport Minister, Bayan Jabr of the most prominent of those who called the Iraqi dialect slang adjective "the minister tomato", in Satire on capacity "hacks" them into accepting any position, determined by their political blocs and their parties.

And it witnessed the political process since 2003, Astmas phenomenon is responsible for several times, moving between the Ministries does not link in the jurisdiction them.

And as such it is expected to be appointed Minister of Transport, Minister of Health, later, Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance.

In this context, too, it was a minister of like-Shahristani and Hoshyar Zebari, and Baqir Jabr Solakh vivid example for those ministers who were repairing any Ministry whatever their specialty away from her.

Since the vote of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, in the September 8, 2014, to take over Haider Zamili, from the Islamic Virtue Party, portfolio of the Ministry of Justice, and the controversy is not cut off from the wisdom of taking a man is not competent owners, this important ministry, which need to be a professional man and educator in the affairs justice and the law, as though Iraq devoid of these, so that a "specialist in the computer," things "justice" in the country.

In light of this phenomenon, the change in some of the ministries are conducting a formality does not affect the essence, and does not depend professional standards and put the right person in the right place.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi renewed, on the ninth of February 2016, calling for a cabinet reshuffle fundamentally and comprehensively revealing the completion of the preparation of a plan for reducing its ministries.

On the appointment of al-Shahristani in his mission "agricultural" new, did not pass quietly among observers of the Iraq war, the media writes Hamza al-Janahi Interactive in his "Facebook" dialect and slang that "al-Shahristani Btaa Chloe."

He said the journalist Hassan Naim "The student demonstrations indicate the failure of al-Shahristani, how appointed to a new task."

It agreed codes on the incident to expel al-Shahristani and prevent it from entering the Jamah_almtny and pelted with shoes and called him Balvashl enough to retire because of political action not be taken up to him, "the agricultural committee" task.

She said, "Liberation Square" interactive "Facebook" that "page Shahristani is why the destruction of Iraq's economy and took full responsibility for the oil licensing round."

Shahristani was not far away from criticism, in the positions they received since 2003. Earlier this year, carrying university students, al-Shahristani, the fire, which caused a bottleneck in about a hundred students in the dormitories of the University of Baghdad, responsibility, self-assured in the yard.

He said students in their conversations for "obelisk", at the time, the lack of services, lack of technical and administrative facilities in the interior sections due to rampant corruption in the cadres of the ministry, which has spread widely since assuming the al-Shahristani, the ministry management.

Because of the dominance of corruption at the joints of the Ministry of Higher Education, the students signed up cadres of teaching, a victim of mafias and gangs laid the groundwork for projects and fake, and initiatives formality, the purpose of profiteering and unjust enrichment at the expense of services to students and faculty alike. And suffering Iraq, Shahristani universities in an era of dominance of illegal privileges to corrupt officials, while controlling his agenda in the quota system, for the benefit calculated by the group, on the progress of work at the ministry.

Apparently, the agenda of corruption in the oil ministry while the assumed managed Shahristani had moved with him to and visited Higher Education.
Has revealed for the Oil and Energy Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the existence of the "kingdom of corruption" in the Federal Ministry of Oil in Shahristani era, he said the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry plays the role of "The Godfather" in which, accusing the ministry as withholding information about them, particularly with regard to contracts.

Moreover, the accused al-Shahristani, according to sources Hakpth experienced in the oil ministry, as I sit in positions relatives, friends and supporters, as he was waiting for him - an academic -, the adoption of experienced owners do not "trust" only. This phenomenon today in the Ministry of Higher Education.

Shahristani was appointed oil minister in May 2006 after the withdrawal of the "Islamic Virtue" party, and assigned him the post of deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the government of Nouri al-Maliki, second, to be chosen as minister of higher education and scientific research in the government of Haider al-Abadi in September 2014.

And it instructed the Council of Ministers, Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, the functions of the Ministry of Electricity "agency" in August 2011, in addition to his duties, after the resignation of the Minister of Electricity Karim Wahid, after a series of protest demonstrations on the electricity crisis in the country.

It seemed in the context of events, the news media and the sayings of the citizens, that Shahristani was not able to restrain corruption deals in the ministries, and that puts an end to the promises of "false", which used actors in the ministry, on its launch, haphazardly, however, has placed in him a new task in the reform of fact agriculture in the country.