Waeli calls for a separation between revenue and economic structure of the country 's fragile

March 8, 2016

A development center warns of negative quick solutions to the financial crisis

BAGHDAD - Abdul-Latif al-Musawi

He warned a center for energy and water from the negative effects of rapid financial crisis of loans and reduce salaries and compulsory holidays Solutions, stressing that it will be a factor cumulatively another is added to the problems accumulated, while calling President Sherwan Waeli adviser to the separation between revenue and economic structure of the fragile country to cope with the financial crisis, He pointed out that this structure has failed to provide the minimum needs of the citizens Aleomahoukal Prime Development Center for energy and water Laith inch in a statement yesterday (our combined and the accumulated problems either economically or functionally in the country's economic situation since the eighties of the past century, and our economy is based on oil production, sale, and the day after on Iraq has its prime location in agricultural production, and was unable to develop its industries or even other economic resources such as tourism in the fields all), adding that (like the case has not changed after 2003 as the country remained single private economy with high oil prices, which made the country dependent on this source equivalent to 95 percent of its budget successive governments have been added a new inflation of the state due to increased Angels and contracts, without a real need, for electoral reasons), indicating that the (lack of the ability of these governments to provide real jobs through economic policy commensurate with the reality that ensures the future deliberate crises make the state more than a little giant consumer and producer of close to zero). And on the proposed solutions, inch said that (there are solutions and realistic practical and useful but it will be a severe and long-lasting, and its results will be fruitful for our generation and for our country, the requirement to be built in accordance with the long-term scientific thought plans), stressing that the (quick solutions such as loans or reduce salaries or what we hear about compulsory licenses will increase the whole insult to injury and will not only provide a temporary benefit would then be another factor cumulatively added to our problems already accumulated). For his part, al-Waeli said in a statement received (time) yesterday (We discuss the financial crisis in the country we have to separate the revenues of the country, which is important to the source-to-door imports which oil and between economic fragile country that failed to provide the minimum needs of everyday food and medicine supplies citizen infrastructure daily life and diagnose some of the problems of the Iraqi economy), explaining that the (oil as a resource for the Iraqi economy basis became ineligible to cover necessary expenses at least for two reasons, the first is economic, according to the theory of flooding the market due to oversupply, as well as finding alternatives to alternative energy components and more space global Mining, and the other reason and without doubt is that the oil weapon income within the concept and behavior of the cold war, it has become an important political weapon, as is happening today and the results are given to economically weak states like Iraq). He Waeli that (sagging state public Baktalla heavier general budget of operating expenses have undermined development on the one hand and devoted more of the administrative bureaucracy and fostered corruption), indicating that the (excessive salary increases and the creation of more institutions and bodies operating purposes only and not for purposes of production that supported certain legislation and exaggerated in this slack without looking at the ranges planning concern the interests of citizens), adding that (private sector, which is supposed paralysis be lifted from the shoulders of the state much in the service of the citizen and create revenue to support the state budget. on the contrary under legislation and procedures unfair in a lot of money smuggled out of the country the decline in investment was announced to blackmail investors negative role in falling investment and the creation of an alternative to the public sector), pointing out that the (political thesis today is directly and indirectly Svht corruption has become corrupt mock action against corruption became conduct imposed and covered political and media by force of arms, and the judiciary and the government bear the brunt). In the meantime, the economic Commission parliamentary taken a number measures to control the process of granting loans launched by the Council of Ministers for industrial and agricultural banks and housing. Committee Chairman Harith al-Harthy said in a statement that (the committee has summoned bank executives and obliging them to the need pinpointed any average contract or small for control of corruption in loans and control of the pressures that come from the supreme bodies that may affect the operation of the process of granting loans), adding that the ( there are solutions in order to avoid the crisis and will start in the private sector and loans to the industrial and agricultural Bank and housing Bank). The cheaper the (committee will begin today to correct the wrong economic policies since 2003, which led to negative results), indicating that the (all oil-producing countries have suffered as a result of lower oil price for not anticipate such a large decline, so that these countries have begun including Iraq regardless majority of oil revenues) .