Acknowledged differences over the cabinet reshuffle expected .. Deputy for the rule of law confirms: Abadi past reforms despite intersections

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Posted 08/03/2016 06:17 PM

Baghdad / follow-up to the Orient:
MP for the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Asadi, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider Alabaa past reforms in the project, based in the presence of intersections and differences over the cabinet reshuffle expected. He said al-Asadi, said in a statement: "Any international or regional intervention in the affairs of Iraq is not welcome, and is not required at this stage in any way." He said al-Asadi, said: "There are differences and intersections including Akhadd cabinet reshuffles and reforms, but everyone agreed on reforms to the problems of work and the path of government and state, and this base task to find a file of understanding between the various political blocs." Asadi and called for "creating serious cooperation between the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and political blocs to find the nearest one format to the Iraqi street, claims," ​​adding that "Abadi pasts to submit his reforms, and does not want to move away from the political blocs in the design of the state map during the next two years." So MP from an international coalition of law Ahmed al-Badri, on Tuesday, that all blocs and political parties, which manages the country's joint corruption and that he is not entitled to a claim of innocence, as he pointed out that no harm can listen to chest the project in order to save the country from crises.
Al-Badri said in a press statement: "The deputies of the National Alliance were hoping to find appropriate solutions to address the crisis in the country during the meeting held in Karbala between the National Alliance leaders, but disputes between the parties prevented that," pointing out that "the political blocs count on coalition National in resolving crises for having a large fan base. " He added that "Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr is part of the political process and has representatives in the successive governments, the deficit and discharged from his cabinet because he has a reformist project that aims to save the country," calling the political blocs for "listening to the project in order to save the country from crises."
Badri said that "all the political blocs, which operates a joint country of corruption is not entitled to a claim of innocence." And the holding of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, last Saturday, two separate meetings included the first national coalition leaders in Karbala and the second Kurdistan Alliance leaders in Baghdad to discuss the cabinet reshuffle and the security implications. Denied this and Reconciliation Commission and parliamentary accountability, Tuesday, news of the existence of a political deal to grant the Baathist figures of some ministries in a cabinet reshuffle expected. Committee Chairman Hisham al-Suhail said in a statement: "The Justice and Accountability Law does not allow for Baath Party members that Itbuua as director, how will give them the ministries," noting that "the law is still in force and did not hold it any amendment that would allow members of the teams and people's positions sensitive in the state. " He denied al-Suhail, "the existence of negotiations in the rough to allow for Baath Party to return to power," adding that "the committee will oppose any attempts that will re-Baathists to power," and pointed to "the existence of negotiations to amend the law and be separated from the law attended the Baath Party and a substantial amendments to the laws." Some media have published news on the nomination of persons belonging to the outlawed Baath party to fill ministerial posts in a cabinet reshuffle expected reforms.