Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament infallible: terrorism represents a great challenge for Iraq and Egypt

He met with the President of the Egyptian Parliament Ali Abdel Aal, on Tuesday morning, President Fuad Masum and his accompanying delegation.
Abdel Aal stressed during the meeting, at a depth of historical relations between Egypt and Iraq, pointing out that "the two countries participate in the great challenge of confronting terrorism and addressing him full force and vigor drew consolation for infallible in the latest bombing in Hilla and casualties.
The President of the Egyptian Parliament denounced the "full force and foreign interference in the affairs of Iraq as an Arab country, stressing the sister support and appreciation of the Council for the role played by the Iraqi government to unite all the people of the state."
The face of President Fuad Masum thanks and appreciation to the President of the Egyptian Parliament for the warm reception that reflect the positions of Egypt to Iraq, stressing that the door to Egypt had always been open to the Iraqis through their crises, stressing that the Iraqi government is working on the construction of Iraqi army forces military doctrine serve the Iraqi people and the public interest ".