The Ministry of Oil agrees in principle on the allocation of the proceeds of two oilfields to complete projects in Basra

1:17, March 9, 2016

BAGHDAD - Economy - opinion -
Basra Governor Majed Nasraoui announced the existence of preliminary approvals with the Oil Ministry to allocate the proceeds of two fields to accomplish what you need to maintain the projects.

Nasraoui said during a news conference browse through the results of his visit to Baghdad, he said that "this proposal to put up with the Ministry of Oil and came after rejecting a proposed allocation of 5% of the oil revenues of the province, the fact that the subject needs approval from parliament.
He added that "the two fields concerned are the Tuba field and rivers Omar, noting that in the event of their development could increase production in which the roof of up to 500,000 barrels per day, adding that the local government will not receive money from oil revenues, but that the plan and the idea was to receive implementation strategy implemented projects within the province through the proceeds of these two fields.
In another matter Nasraoui Basra confirmed that the government will proceed to apply the legal paragraph which provides for the allocation of 50% of the proceeds of the border crossing points to calculate the local government can not be after the Ministry of Finance to grant the province any money.
He continued that "the Government of Basra held discussions with the Ministry of Municipalities and the Office of the Prime Minister on the draft desalination plants and he has been on the implementation of the plan and the establishment of the establishment of the stations" mode.
Nasraoui and pointed out that "the Government of Basra declared its readiness to provide the requirements for the preparation and study and designs for the construction of the dam amounts in Basra, said the willingness came after discussions and dialogues there about who ensures Baldarch and designs for the dam project" .anthy