International conventions to prevent Iraq from the implementation of the 1500 judicial warrant to retrieve his money contraband

2016-03-09 00:52:03 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Hinder international conventions Iraq 's efforts to activate more than 1500 memo, however , the judiciary and the Integrity Commission, to recover billions of dollars of his money that fled since 2003.

And stresses the Parliamentary Integrity Committee on the need to pursue major corruption files that she is concentrated in the five ministries.

In the meantime , he said a coalition of state law calls for the prime minister to do a "revolution against corruption", as a political, and described it as "waving the stick is not only". Ebadi called for the referral of all files of corruption to justice in order to hold negligent and muggers.

The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi had announced earlier that in 2016 in the eradication of corruption, saying that corruption has no religion or doctrine, and pointed to the existence of "collusion" between the corrupt and "terrorists."

The Integrity Commission has referred the seven senior officials to the judiciary on charges of money inflation and graft. But the judiciary restored these files, demanding an investigation of the charges against these officials.

Observers felt that holding the judiciary came by political pressures of trying to block the efforts of the Commission in the prosecution of senior government figures involved corruption issues.

He says Talal Zobaie, chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said that "on the Integrity Commission to deal transparently with all of the files referred to it by all the competent authorities and, in particular , the major files that belong to armament." He pointed out that " a lot of money has gone to the ministries in the form of the budgets of these institutions did not find use as required and appropriate."

He Zubai (range), "there are large files on the ministries of defense, interior and industry and minerals, health, electricity, oil has forwarded to the Commission on Public Integrity has long been signaling a waste of money over the past 13 years."

He said Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee said , "there was a campaign for the recovery of public money and hold negligent over the judiciary and this requires a serious act of the Integrity Commission towards these big contracts that lost big money , " but admitted that " a difficult task and the most difficult of which is the reluctance responsible for the corrupt and negligent accounting . " .

Stresses Zubai that " the Integrity Commission needs to review these big contracts and auditing within the campaign adopted to hold negligent and corrupt , " pointing to "the existence of large files pertaining to corruption in the provinces through a large fake projects were intended to seize the vast amounts of money."

The Abadi had discussed last month, with the Parliamentary Integrity Committee "resolved" major corruption files , and to provide financial liquidity to the country, praising the performance of the Commission and its role in the fight against corruption.

And confirms the chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that " the extent of corruption is not limited to big files , " revealing "the existence of file recovery in 1000 are currently present at the court, and there are 545 in the recovery of the Integrity Commission file".

He notes the MP from the Union of Forces to " the readiness of the recovery files that the judiciary but that disables the implementation of the returns of these funds is the lack of bilateral agreements linking Iraq with the countries where these exist officials." He noted that " the financial value of a dossier for 37 Files Recovery in the elimination of up to one billion and a half billion dinars."

He called on the prime minister, on Monday, in a meeting with the judges of the Supreme Council for Integrity and Anti - Corruption, to a "revolution" against corruption starting with "higher head" of corruption in the state. He stressed the need to open large files, warned of the arrival of corruption to the regulatory agencies.

Commenting on the positions of al - Abadi, a coalition of state law confirms it , "waving a stick is not only , " and wondered "It prevents the Prime Minister from the corrupt held accountable?".

MP says Kamel al - Zaidi, told the (range), that "the prime minister referred all files of corruption to the judiciary for negligence and muggers held accountable , " and believed that " the launch of remarks after meeting with the judges of integrity are brought us to this situation , " in reference to lax in prosecuting those involved corruption files.

In another context, Zaidi talking about the work of the ministerial committee set up by al - Abadi to choose a government of technocrats. And it asserts that "has put the mechanisms and criteria that will be sent to all the political blocs and in the light of figures will be technocrats the nomination."

He said the coalition of state law that " the Commission, after you complete lists of nominations, will be met with these characters to choose the most efficient , including a new ministerial cabins." Pointing out that " the new mechanism in the adoption of the new ministers include the expertise, experience and professional certification."

Furthermore, MP Aqil Fahem, a member of the Integrity Commission, the Integrity Commission calling for a "check all files that are forwarded to the judiciary in order to maintain its prestige , " he invites them to "Do not allow administrators to work carried out by questioning."

Stresses Fahim, in an interview with the (range), " the need to hit the big heads of corruption in order to put an end to theft of public money." And it asserts that "corrupt accounting will cast the political arena and create a natural atmosphere to provide the service to the citizens."

And announced the Integrity Commission, in the past month on the transfer of all of Bahaa al - Araji, Saleh al - Mutlaq and Farouk al - Araji and Naim Abaob to justice on charges of graft and abuse Alozivi.ooalent Integrity Commission, on Monday, referral of three senior officials to the judiciary , claiming inflated money and graft, while showed that actions targeting specific corruption without personal or target specific mass ends.