Implementation of reforms of the economic crisis eases

3/9/2016 0:00

Adnan Kanani

Iraq suffers from the global economic crisis as well as the escalation of the financial crisis stifling and particularly since the beginning of the decline in world oil prices in the summer of 2014, falling world oil prices of $ 120 per barrel to $ 30 , and even without it and Matba so serious consequences for returns oil of Iraq which constitute the main source of public finance for the budget, in addition to mounting complexity of economic problems taking place in Iraq in the various sectors and basic activities.

here we have to point to the lack of interest by successive Iraqi governments and other productive commodity sectors such as agriculture, industry and the lack of basic services sector is reflected in a clear and fast on vocabulary of the state budget and trade balance of foreign cash reserves, and led to a rise in the poverty rate in addition to widespread unemployment and stop government appointments since Aktrmen two years.

According to official statements from ministers, parliamentarians and analyzes stakeholders Economic to the difficult financial situation in which the country is exposed him what urgent measures to address the required effect crisis, the government has resorted to the deduction of 3 percent of employees and retirees salaries accompanied by increased complexity in the face of terrorist groups źDaash╗ and denominations , which controls the Heat and leap and some areas in gray and the ongoing preparations for the battle to liberate Mosul , which requires the allocation of large sums of money big spending to meet the armed forces requests and crowd and popular rebel clans and armament , and equipment
and supplies, which requires the face of financial and administrative corruption in all aspects of the state and the increasing money smuggling operations outside Iraq and other economic sabotage operations.

These acts of sabotage affecting the political, security, economic and social situation in Iraq and the increase of the state budget and lower deficit the value of the Iraqi dinar and the escalation of the US dollar exchange rate in the market is reflected negatively on the Iraqi market and the economy generally. Despite the austerity measures taken by the Iraqi government to impose taxes and customs duties on Iraqi imports and reduce the salaries of the three presidencies and others , but the impact is clear on the social strata particular.

The imposition of fees on health and school services to be considered carefully to minimize the negative effects not strive each hand including you want, and the government is required in the treatment and diagnosis that these measures commensurate commensurate with the size of the economic disaster faced by the country in hitting the corrupt and thieves of public money with an iron fist and bring all the stolen money and the restoration of state property and dispose of them according to the interest of the country and to address the crisis., is required to take a comprehensive and decisive action to save the country that is heading for economic and financial collapse clearly, and widen the gap and intensify the financial and economic crises , day after day it must stop state of collapse by taking corrective measures and structural in the economy and the fight against corruption in all its forms and Msmyate and address placed an auction of foreign currency , including stop smuggling of currency and pressure on expenditure effectively and concrete and fast in order to combine efforts to Ajraeaslahat required.