Iraqi dinar recover!

Author: Yasser incumbent

3/9/2016 0:00

Effects specialist Bhoan global stock subject very important when talking about solutions to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis, while pointed to the need for the introduction of the dinar on the stock exchange and adoption in business dealings to recover, how?

He pointed out that the adoption of this mechanism will reduce dependence on remittances and eliminates the black market, and its advantages are also preventing the fluctuation of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar, and other than that, it would give the local currency's strength in the global market, as well as its assistance to the citizen to get support in food prices through the purchase of the main source of global price and without the high costs imposed by the mediators that.

I find in this vision of the importance stand then through the Central Bank of Iraq and stakeholders examine this idea to make sure of their ability to help reduce dependence on the currency auction in providing import requirements and this is what will serve those seeking alternative solutions to maintain reserves of foreign exchange and then strengthening the national currency through the adoption in the global market, in the sense that it takes its due role in alleviating the crisis.

This proposal comes at a time when we need to find ways to cope with its effects, we reiterate our call for a study by specialists, and if they can find a way out of global stock market from the effects of the financial distress of why not to pursue this The mechanism?

As long as the talk about the stock market must be referring to it real indicator flour for overall economic activity in any country, and its importance to the external levels and internal through its contribution in providing a second income to the citizen sources through the use of some of his savings chunky at home, here goes out to talk about the culture of the stock market and that another subject, although he is a modern connection, the question is do you really regain the Iraqi dinar role across the global stock market? we will continue to view money experts and economists to see.