Parliamentary Integrity hosts the Iraqi police chief of Interpol

Local Since 03.08.2016 at 11:40 (Baghdad time)

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The Commission on Integrity in Parliament on Tuesday its intention to host the director general of the international police Interpol Iraqi Maj. Gen. Mahdi Shalabi during this week, noting that the pressure of the parliamentary sessions hampered work in recovering the money smuggled file in the current time.

Said committee member Mohamed fact that L / balance News /, that "the Commission since the beginning of 2016 and so far has focused on the recovery of Iraqi funds contraband, according to entrust the presidency of the parliament," noting that "this subject took a lot of time the Commission and effort where he presented the report on the recovery of the money to the House of Representatives was the formation of a higher committee for this purpose. "

He added that "the Commission is still pursuing recovery of funds smuggled file and still there is a group of Alastdavat But the parliament's agenda pressure and its sometimes form a very large obstacle to the freedom of the Commission's work and time and effort."

He pointed out that "the Commission has hosted a lot of associated officials this file where was hosting the Director General of the anti-money laundering in the Central Bank and Deputy Head of Financial Control and Chairman of the recovery circuit in the Integrity Commission and the director general of tax and Director General of Customs and Inspector General in the Ministry of Finance and a number of other Asamaolin."

The confirmed to the parliamentary committee on foreign relations, earlier, that the funds in outside Iraq crossed into relics, bonds, vehicles and real estate, is probable that there will be cooperation with the major powers to recover the money from Aforeig.anthy

From: Nur al-Din Wahba