Austin: Daash defeated in Iraq and Iraqi forces work better

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Central US Central Command, Gen. Lloyd Austin said the international coalition achieves defeat in regulation Daash in Iraq and Syria.

According to Austin at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee in the US Senate about the war on Daash "defeat Daash in Iraq, Syria, and we do this by weakening the military capacity of the enemy and restore land and kill senior leadership and slow the flow of foreign fighters and the targeting of funding for the organization."

He added that "All of these actions contribute to making Daash less capable," adding that "Daash defeat in Iraq and Syria increase the expansion of the enemy in North Africa."

Austin stressed that "the Iraqi forces are doing a better job in the war on organizing Daash through our efforts," pointing out that "Peshmerga forces are still important and irreplaceable and must do all we can to support them."

US General that "the defeat of the organization requires time and will not be easy, but we eventually Snhakgaha"