Jaafari: National Alliance is counting on holding another meeting to complete what he started Karbala meeting


(Almsaglh) ... Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari revealed that the National Alliance meeting in Karbala was open and continued for two hours and discussed the demonstrations and Government Reform, and as pointed out that the National Alliance is counting on holding another meeting to complete what he started Karbala meeting.

Jaafari said in a press statement from the Egyptian capital Cairo transferred information office said in a statement received by the (independent) announced today that "the president Fuad Masum talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo covered collectively concerns, and common goals of the Iraqi - Egyptian," noting that "consultations Search included economic, security, military, tourism, and cultural cooperation. "

Jaafari said that "to meet with President al-Sisi is the first of the meetings in Cairo," he returned that "the meeting was promising light, and saw the serious atmosphere in the points that have been discussed."

With regard to the National Alliance leaders meeting in Karbala confirmed al-Jaafari, that "the government with all parties do their utmost for the conduct of the system, and the application of the law, and give a wide margin of freedom to express their opinion without prejudice to the system," pointing out that "this is something strategic sticks by the government. "

He revealed al-Jaafari, the "National Alliance leaders session was a panel open, and all the points raised had been dialogue with, and discussed well, and listen to all points of view," stressing that "the meeting lasted for more than two hours, and did not interrupt any one session until the end of the meeting."

He said al-Jaafari, "There was a difference, and do not expect convergence of views, but there was not something expected otherwise," noting that "the National Alliance is counting on holding another meeting during the next term, to complete what we started meeting in the holy city of Karbala ".

He foreign minister, noted that "the meeting saw a convergence of views," noting that "dialogue at the meeting revolved around two points, namely the political process, and demonstrations on one side, the other side of government reforms." (End)